250+ Romantic Birthday Wishes Your Girlfriend Will Love

Happy birthday to my most adored human in the whole world!

I hope that you have the happiest and most enjoyable birthday yet, my dear girlfriend. You and your happiness mean everything to me!

Sending you lots of love and my biggest kisses on your special day!
We make a dream team, my love
Being farther apart brings us closer together
To my dear girlfriend, the most beautiful
woman in the world, I want to wish you
the very best birthday today!

You mean so much to me and without
you I would certainly be lost. You are my
guiding light and everything that is good
in my life!

I hope this birthday brings you but joy
and happiness, just as you deserve!
Happy birthday to my truly 
stunning and unique girlfriend.

It’s true, there’s nobody else
out there quite like you.
I was going to buy you a pretty piece of jewellery this year for your birthday to compliment your jaw-dropping beauty, my love, but then I thought how unnecessary it would be when you’re already as pretty as you could be!

Happy birthday, my gorgeous girlfriend!
Happy birthday to my gorgeous girlfriend!

I can’t wait to make many more incredible
memories with you this year!
Happy birthday to my gorgeous girlfriend who is more than just a pretty face!

You are smart and witty, too!

People might not realise that straight away, because they’re just dazzled by your mesmerising beauty!

Wishing you a fabulous birthday, my love!
Happy birthday to the most beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning woman in the world: my girlfriend! Let’s celebrate those good looks before they start to fade!
I truly hit the jackpot with a great girlfriend like you, as in the whole world there must be so few!

Happy birthday, love!
Happy birthday to my amazing
girlfriend who doesn’t settle for
anything less than perfect!

Well, apart from me. You kinda
just settled there!
Every day should be special
for a fabulous girlfriend like
you, but I’m wishing that today,
on your birthday, it’s just that
little bit extra special.

Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday to my darling girlfriend,
the person who makes me happier than
anyone else in this world!

You mean everything to me, and I hope
that I can show you just how much by
giving you the best birthday ever!

Of course, you’re going to be treated by
me and everyone else today, but also
remember to take time for you and treat
yourself, too! Love you loads, honey!
Having a sweet and loving girlfriend like you in my life provides me with all the love and happiness I could ever need. 

Happy birthday, hun.
I don’t know what I did to deserve a
girlfriend as wonderful as you, but I’ll
be forever grateful for all that you do.

Happy birthday, sweetie. 
You are my best friend, my girlfriend,
my everything. It’s because you mean
all this to me and more that spending
your birthday apart is even more
difficult than I could’ve ever imagined.

I’m sending all my love to you and
wishing you a happy birthday from
afar, my darling. I hope you enjoy
your special day where you are.
A beautiful girlfriend like you is worth more than the most precious diamond.

Happy birthday, sweetie.

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