250+ Romantic Birthday Wishes Your Girlfriend Will Love

My gorgeous girlfriend, you’re so lucky to have what every GF wishes for: a wonderful boyfriend who is also a built-in BFF! Happy birthday!
As you get older so do your jokes
Your love will always be safe with me
Happy birthday, my love!

As you become older, my
dear girlfriend, you just get
more and more beautiful!

And I’m not just saying that
because I have to!
Happy birthday to the best girlfriend
Our love is stronger than the greatest distance
Happy birthday to my most adored human in the whole world!

I hope that you have the happiest and most enjoyable birthday yet, my dear girlfriend. You and your happiness mean everything to me!

Sending you lots of love and my biggest kisses on your special day!
There are some gifts money can't buy
May your birthday be a hoot, sweetie
Heaven only knows what I did to
deserve such a wonderful girlfriend
like you, but I am more and more
thankful each passing day that
we found each other.

You are the love of my life,
and I hope to make you feel as
special as you are every single day!

Happy birthday, my sweetheart!
Happy birthday to my gorgeous girlfriend!

I can’t wait to make many more incredible
memories with you this year!
I'm going to spoil you loads today, girlfriend
We make a dream team, my love
Happy birthday to my truly 
stunning and unique girlfriend.

It’s true, there’s nobody else
out there quite like you.
Birthday wishes and big kisses for my girlfriend
Happy birthday to an amazing guy
Happy birthday to the most beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning woman in the world: my girlfriend! Let’s celebrate those good looks before they start to fade!
A beautiful girlfriend like you is worth more than the most precious diamond.

Happy birthday, sweetie.
A wonderful girlfriend and a beautiful girl like you deserves a gift that’s equally as beautiful, but seeing as nothing can even come close to your beauty, I wasn’t able to get you anything for your birthday!

You’re simply too gorgeous to shop for!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
A girlfriend like you deserves the
Best birthday for all that you do!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
Happy birthday to my very understanding
and tolerant girlfriend!

It can’t be easy being with a model-like
guy who receives so much attention,
but I guess you knew and accepted
that when we first started dating!

Thank you for being so easy-going,
my love! 

I hope you have a wonderful birthday
this year and that some of the attention
is on you for a change!
Happy birthday to my gorgeous
girlfriend who really lucked out
in the boyfriend department!

You’re a very lucky girl to have
someone as wonderful and as
funny as me!
Happy anniversary to us, my astonishingly beautiful girlfriend! You are my one and only, my one true love!

I am certain that you are my soulmate and I will spend the rest of my life doing everything in my power to make you happy. I love you with all my heart!
Happy birthday to my favourite person in the world; my beautiful sweetheart and the most perfect girlfriend there is!
Happy anniversary, my beautiful love!

This past year has been one of the best of my whole life, and I am so eager to see what the year ahead holds for us!

Thank you for your loving tenderness, your sweetness, and for generally being the dream girlfriend that any boyfriend would be lucky to have!

Love you loads, my sweetheart!

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