250+ Romantic Birthday Wishes Your Girlfriend Will Love

Happy birthday, beautiful!

I might not be present on your special day
today, but just know I’m sending nothing
but love your way, my sweetheart.

I hope your birthday is still enjoyable,
even without your number one fan there.
Happy birthday to the cutest, funniest, most gorgeous person in the world! I know it sounds like I’m describing myself, but I am of course describing you!

I hope you enjoy your special day today, my sweetheart!
I always send you my deepest,
most heartfelt birthday wishes
on your special day each year,
but the wishes I’m sending you
this year are just that little bit
more so and extra special to
make up for the distance.

Happy birthday, my love.
Wherever in the world you are, however much distance there is between us, know that no matter what my heart will always be with you. Happy birthday, my love.
Each time I see you I find you more beautiful than ever. And each year that passes is an attribute of your wisdom.

I love you with all my heart, soul and every inch of my body, and today, the greatest of all days, I wish you a happy birthday!

May you find the path that fulfils all of your dreams!
Our story is like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess. She was the most beautiful girl around. One day she met a handsome prince. They fell in love and they lived happily ever after.

Have an amazing day, my princess!
For a moment I thought it was my birthday as I have the greatest, most beautiful gift in the world: you!

Happy birthday, my gorgeous girl. I hope your special day is as wonderful as you deserve it to be.
Many girls can only wish for the
perfect guy but luckily for you, that
dream came true when you met me!

Happy birthday, my beautiful love!
To me, you will always be
My moon and my stars.

Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday, honey.

I couldn’t be any happier in life
than I am with you in it. ❤️️
A lover like you deserves every day to be special, not just once a year on your birthday. 

Happy birthday, sweetie. 😘
You could be the other side of the world and my love would still reach you there. I’m sending the loveliest birthday wishes to you from a distance today, sweetie.
Happy birthday! May your heart be filled with positive vibes today, and I hope all your wishes come true. Love you forever!
I miss you even more 
than words can say, 
and as much as I would 
love to have you here, 
I’m hoping that your 
special day is still a 
lovely one, my dear. 

Happy birthday to you, 
with all my love.
Today we celebrate our second anniversary, my love!

Thank you for another incredible year together, full of flawless moments and memories to last a lifetime.

My whole heart is yours and it will forever be. I love you millions, my gorgeous girl!

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