250+ Romantic Birthday Wishes Your Girlfriend Will Love

Happy anniversary to us, my lovely!

A love that is as true as ours is virtually indestructible! I am so grateful for the strong and loving relationship we have forged together.

I'll love you with all my heart forever and ever, honey!
Happy birthday to the most gorgeous girl in the world!

Even though you're far away on your special day this year, you’re still as close as can be in my heart.

I hope you enjoy your day, my sweetheart.
Happy anniversary, my love! To me, you are perfect in every way imaginable.

I adore you and there’s nobody I’d rather take this journey through life with!
Happy birthday, sweetie!

After today, it’ll no longer be your
special day but not much will change.
All of the attention will still be on you
like it always is!
Happy birthday, my gorgeous gf!

It’s not often you find a guy
With both beauty and brains,
So you’re super lucky to have 
Found both those qualities in me!
Happy birthday, sweetie!

A love as heart touching as ours
A love so wonderful and unique
Two truly odd humans like us
Were always destined to meet!
Happy birthday to my lover girl!

To me, you are so much more
Than simply just my lover
You’re the one whose company
I enjoy more than any other!
Today we celebrate the wonder of you, the fabulous person you are and all that you do. 

Happy birthday, my love.
I am over the moon to be celebrating our first anniversary together today, my beautiful girl! Here’s to a lifetime of anniversaries and milestones to come!
Today is super special as it’s our anniversary, cutie! You are my everything and I will love you for forever and a day!
A love that shines as brightly as yours will always warm my heart.

Happy birthday, sweetie.
Sweet, beautiful girl of mine
I hope your birthday is simply divine.

Sending you cute wishes and kisses ❤️
The other day you wouldn’t leave my head. Going back and forth, visiting every corner and every inch of my mind. You emerged out of nowhere and never left.

Well, I say the other day, but I really should have said every day.

Have the greatest of birthdays, my sweetie!
The feelings I have for you are greater than this distance currently between us. A love like ours can overcome anything.

Sending you lots of kisses and birthday wishes, honey.
Our fairy tale has no ending and I can’t wait to write the rest of our story together!

All my love to you on our anniversary, my gorgeous girl!

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