Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

253 happy birthday wishes found:

I know that I tell you this every day, but
you are the most beautiful girl in the whole
world and I love you immensely!

Happy anniversary, hun!
It’s hard to shop for someone who
already has everything their heart
could ever desire, so I just decided
not to get you anything!

Besides, what more could you really
want than a perfect boyfriend like me!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
Happy birthday, beautiful.

You’re miles away on your special day this year, and since I can't be there I’m sending you hugs and kisses instead, my dear. 
Happy birthday to my girl!

To me, you will always be so much more than just a lover, girl. You’re somebody I actually enjoy spending time with!
I never thought it would be possible, but each day I love you just that little bit more! Happy anniversary, my beautiful girl!
On our anniversary today, my beautiful girl, I want to air my appreciation for you and all that you do! I love you with all my heart, forever and always!
Happy birthday, beautiful one!

I figured that for your gift 
On your special day this year
I could write you a funny letter
I could send you a silly card
But really all you need to see
Is my face to make you laugh!

The image of that gift is one 
That you can carry around 
With you wherever you go!
It’s that time of the year again where
all of the attention is on you and you
alone, my beautiful one.

Well, more so than usual, anyway!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
My confidante, closest friend, and my love. On this special day, I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. You are my heart, and quite simply the most important person in my life! You make each day amazing just with your aura - you are the best person to be around!

Never change and be happy, always.
I’ve come to realize that fate must exist,
otherwise how else would two oddballs
like us have met in a world of so many
normal people!

I hope you enjoy your special day today
my cute, unique, gorgeous birthday girl!
Happy birthday, my sweetheart. 

With you, I truly found a love like no other. 
Happy birthday, my gorgeous gf!

You know, good boyfriends make a grand gesture by saving up all their romantic love only to treat their girlfriends and spoil them on their birthday, but great boyfriends do that all year round!

That’s why I’m not doing anything spectacular or out of the ordinary today since you have the best of me each and every day! How lucky are you!
I am over the moon to be celebrating our first anniversary together today, my beautiful girl! Here’s to a lifetime of anniversaries and milestones to come!

Happy anniversary to us, my lovely!

A love that is as true as ours is virtually indestructible! I am so grateful for the strong and loving relationship we have forged together.

I'll love you with all my heart forever and ever, honey!
The other day you wouldn’t leave my head. Going back and forth, visiting every corner and every inch of my mind. You emerged out of nowhere and never left.

Well, I say the other day, but I really should have said every day.

Have the greatest of birthdays, my sweetie!