Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

257 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday from the best
gift you could ever ask for,
your ever-loving girlfriend!

Love you loads!
A boyfriend is someone you can trust with
all your heart and share all of your inner-
most thoughts and deepest secrets with. 

In you, I found that person who I can
entrust with all those things and more.
You’re my everything, my love.

Happy birthday,
Your loving girlfriend.
Sending sweet wishes and big birthday kisses to my gorgeous girlfriend today as she turns another year older, wiser, and more beautiful than ever 😍
If laughter is meant to keep you young and make you live longer, then you’re in luck because you have a hilarious girlfriend like me to keep you laughing!

Happy birthday to you, my marvelous man. Here’s to many more hysterical birthdays to come!
If I were there with you in person today I
could be more romantic, but know that
you’re still in my thoughts and in my heart.

I’m sending you all my prayers and wishes
on your special day today. Happy birthday
from your ever-loving girlfriend.
Your birthday is a special day 
For both you and for me
Since you’re the love of my life
That’s clear for all to see. 

Happy birthday in advance,
My beautiful girlfriend. 
I know that turning another year older might make you a little emotional and you might even want to cry, but it’s not all that bad… just think of the positives, like the fact that you have an amazing girlfriend to comfort you in your time of need!
Most couples are friends first then boyfriend and girlfriend second, but we did it the other way around!

Wishing you a great birthday today!
I have decided that you don’t
need any candles on your
birthday cake this year, my love.

I mean, what else could you
possibly wish for other than
having an amazing girlfriend,
which you already have!

Happy birthday, my lucky man!
Happy birthday in advance, my sweet girlfriend. Your special day can’t come quickly enough!
Happy birthday to the sweetest
boyfriend in the world! I am so
lucky to be the girlfriend of such
a lovely and wonderful person. 

Hopefully the cake I got you will
be almost as sweet and just as
delicious, my gorgeous guy!
You’re worth the effort, and boy,
are you a lot of effort!

Being your girlfriend requires lots
of patience, determination, courage
and perseverance.

Luckily, you have a wonderful girlfriend
with all of these great qualities!

I hope that you have an amazing day,
my love! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, my love.

You’re so kind and funny
Heart touching and sweet
You are without a doubt
The nicest guy I’ll meet.

I am so happy to be your
Girlfriend. You truly fill
My heart with joy.
For your birthday this year,
I searched far and wide for
the perfect gift.

It took me some time, but
my search ended when I
realised that I was never
going to find a more perfect
gift than what you’ve already
got: me!

Happy birthday from your
perfect girlfriend!
We’re not simply boyfriend and girlfriend, we are lovers.

What we have is something truly special and I cherish it with my whole heart.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart!