Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

256 happy birthday wishes found:

I am over the moon to be celebrating our first anniversary together today, my beautiful girl! Here’s to a lifetime of anniversaries and milestones to come!
I never thought it would be possible, but each day I love you just that little bit more! Happy anniversary, my beautiful girl!
On our anniversary today, my beautiful girl, I want to air my appreciation for you and all that you do! I love you with all my heart, forever and always!
Our fairy tale has no ending and I can’t wait to write the rest of our story together!

All my love to you on our anniversary, my gorgeous girl!
Happy birthday, sweetie!

I always thought that as you age you’re supposed to look older as well but like most other things, you appear to be stubborn with that too!

Just that this time around it’s actually something you’re stubborn about that I can get on board with!
I’ve come to realize that fate must exist,
otherwise how else would two oddballs
like us have met in a world of so many
normal people!

I hope you enjoy your special day today
my cute, unique, gorgeous birthday girl!
Happy birthday, sweetie!

After today, it’ll no longer be your
special day but not much will change.
All of the attention will still be on you
like it always is!
It’s another year since the day we first
met and the moment that you changed
my life for the better.

Ever since that day, my love for you
hasn’t stopped growing and I’m certain
that it never will.

I’m wishing you a happy anniversary
with a heart full of love, my beautiful!
If you’re wondering why I wrapped myself up as a present this year, it’s because I wanted to get you what your heart most desires! Happy birthday, my love!
My gorgeous girl, I’m wishing you a happy anniversary with all my love!

From watching movies, cooking together or even just going out, the simplest of things are best enjoyed with you!

I love everything about us and there’s nobody I’d rather spend my life with! 
You are so important to me, sweetie, and each anniversary just reinforces that.

May we enjoy today together and cherish each other on this special occasion!
Happy anniversary, my love! To me, you are perfect in every way imaginable.

I adore you and there’s nobody I’d rather take this journey through life with!
Sweet wishes are coming your way
On your very special day today!

Happy birthday, my lovely one!
Happy birthday, honey!

I have only pure love for you everyday, 
but I’m sending just that little bit extra
your way on your special day today!
Not long to go now until my gorgeous girlfriend’s birthday arrives! I can’t wait to celebrate and spoil you on your special day, my love!