250+ Romantic Birthday Wishes Your Girlfriend Will Love

Happy birthday, sweetie!

I always thought that as you age you’re supposed to look older as well but like most other things, you appear to be stubborn with that too!

Just that this time around it’s actually something you’re stubborn about that I can get on board with!
It’s another year since the day we first
met and the moment that you changed
my life for the better.

Ever since that day, my love for you
hasn’t stopped growing and I’m certain
that it never will.

I’m wishing you a happy anniversary
with a heart full of love, my beautiful!
If you’re wondering why I wrapped myself up as a present this year, it’s because I wanted to get you what your heart most desires! Happy birthday, my love!
My gorgeous girl, I’m wishing you a happy anniversary with all my love!

From watching movies, cooking together or even just going out, the simplest of things are best enjoyed with you!

I love everything about us and there’s nobody I’d rather spend my life with! 
I’m sending lots of love to you on your special day today, my sweetheart. Soulmates should never be apart, let alone on their birthday.
I never thought it would be possible, but each day I love you just that little bit more! Happy anniversary, my beautiful girl!
You are so important to me, sweetie, and each anniversary just reinforces that.

May we enjoy today together and cherish each other on this special occasion!
Happy birthday, sweetie!

You truly are a very special girl
to put up with a guy like me…

You must really love me a lot!
Happy birthday, beautiful one!

I figured that for your gift 
On your special day this year
I could write you a funny letter
I could send you a silly card
But really all you need to see
Is my face to make you laugh!

The image of that gift is one 
That you can carry around 
With you wherever you go!
Happy birthday to my girl!

To me, you will always be so much more than just a lover, girl. You’re somebody I actually enjoy spending time with!
Happy birthday to the perfect lover!
There’s not a single thing I’d change!
Sweet wishes are coming your way
On your very special day today!

Happy birthday, my lovely one!
Happy birthday, honey!

I have only pure love for you everyday, 
but I’m sending just that little bit extra
your way on your special day today!
Not long to go now until my gorgeous girlfriend’s birthday arrives! I can’t wait to celebrate and spoil you on your special day, my love!
A sweet poem for my girlfriend
With love from my heart to yours
Simply to tell you that you are
The one this guy most adores
I hope your birthday this year
Brings everything you wish for
I hope it fills your heart with joy
Bringing you happiness evermore.

Happy birthday, my most beautiful one.

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