Funny Birthday Wishes for Teachers

40 happy birthday wishes found:

Wishing a happy birthday to the best teacher of all time!

If you could teach all of my classes, it would be a dream come true for me! Some students would probably get bored of you, but not me, I think you’re swell!

And no, I’m not being sarcastic! It’s all true, straight from the heart!

I hope you have a magnificent birthday today, teach!
There aren’t many teachers
like you left; most of the good
ones have retired already! 

Happy birthday, teacher!
It might surprise you to learn that I haven’t always been so enthusiastic about school, but you changed my whole view!

You’re more than a teacher; you’re a miracle worker!
Not all heroes wear capes, teacher!

I mean, surely with the daily battle
you face in dealing with some of
the kids in this school, you must
have some kind of superpower to
keep your cool!

Wishing you a relaxed birthday
this year, teach!
Happy birthday to a teacher who is part
of the furniture!

I’m not being flippant, but my parents
remember when you were a teacher
during their attendance at my school!

Good on you for sticking with it and
persevering through all these years,
especially when you have to put up
with cheeky students like me!

Enjoy your well-deserved special day!
Happy birthday, teacher!

Perhaps if I didn’t have sooo
much homework to do, I could’ve
baked you a cake!
Happy birthday to the coolest
teacher around!

Whereas other teacher’s classes
seem to drag on, yours are always
fun and I never want them to end!

If only more lessons were like
yours, maybe more people
would think school is cool!
Happy birthday to a phenomenal teacher!

Your teaching methods may be
unorthodox, but no one ever became
a revolutionary by playing it safe and
sticking to the norm!

I think that your teaching style works
great for the smart kids with the capacity
to grasp your concepts, so naturally, I
understand everything perfectly!

Enjoy your special day!

An exceptional teacher deserves an
equally exceptional birthday!
I may be late for meeting most other
deadlines, but I’d never be late in
wishing you a happy birthday!

Have a great birthday, teacher!
I thought teachers were supposed to
be boring, but you break the mould!

Happy birthday to the coolest teacher!
Happy birthday to a great teacher
who always listens, even when
most of the class don’t!

You’re a great mentor and I’m
grateful for all of the wisdom you
have imparted!

I have a lot of respect for you!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy birthday, teacher!

We should use today's lesson not
to learn but to do something fun,
you know, for you of course!
Happy birthday, teacher!

Something I never thought I would
ever say, but you make class fun! I
actually look forward to your lessons!

And before you ask, no, I don’t have a
concussion - I’m being totally honest!

Have a great birthday!
Happy birthday to a teacher who
is a strong feature of this school!

Although, the reasons for why
you stand out so much are open
to interpretation!
You are by far my favourite teacher,
and not just because you give us
the least amount of homework!

Happy birthday to you!

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