Funny Birthday Wishes for Teachers

40 happy birthday wishes found:

The older teachers are always the wisest,
and you’re the wisest of them all, teacher!

Wishing you a very happy birthday!
From the moment you enter the
classroom, everyone knows there’s
fun to be had and a great lesson is
about to happen! I can assure you
that this isn’t the case with every
class we have!

Happy birthday to a unique and
wonderful teacher.
Happy birthday to my wonderful teacher! If there were an award for the best teacher of the year, you would win it hands down!
You seem to have the magical
power of making any subject or
class interesting as yours are
one of the few that don’t send
me to sleep! I actually never
want them to end!

I’m wishing you a very happy
birthday today.
Happy birthday, teacher! May your special day bring as much joy and excitement to you as summer break brings to me!
The subject might be boring, but you
always manage to make the class fun!
Thank you for livening up any lesson!

Happy birthday to you today.
There aren’t many people who love being at school so much that even after they’re finally free and don’t have to attend as a student anymore, they decide they want to come back for more and teach!

I have a lot of respect for you for that alone! Happy birthday to you, teacher!
You’re not too bad
As far as teachers go
In fact, you’re probably
The nicest one I know!

Happy birthday to you!

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