50 Best Funny Birthday Wishes for Your Brother

There are a handful of siblings
Who have a brother like you
Which is perhaps for the best
Since you’d probably be too
Much to handle for all the rest!

Happy birthday, bro!
Happy birthday, brother!

I imagine that looking at me right
now must be like looking into a much
younger and better looking mirror!
Happy birthday to the best kid brother a sister could wish for! You might be crazy and sometimes annoying, but I wouldn’t trade you for the world!
You’re another year older
So what can I say
It’s best not to think about it 
And just celebrate your day!

Happy birthday! 🎂 
It can’t be easy being the brother
of someone so amazing, but I hope
that today makes you happy since
it’s your birthday.

After all, it’s the one day of the year
where all of the attention will be on
you for a change!

Happy birthday, bro!
I didn’t get you anything for your birthday
this year, but I hope this personal and
heartfelt message makes up for it!

Sending you good thoughts and happy
wishes on your special day, bro!
Happy birthday to you!
Don’t worry about getting older, brother.
You’ll always have me as a constant
reminder of what it’s like to look young!

Happy birthday, bro!
Happy birthday, brother!

After another trip around the sun, I thought you might’ve picked up some wisdom on the way around! Ah well, there’s always next year!
Happy birthday, brother!

Sometimes we might argue or have the occasional light-hearted fight, but when the dust settles and above all that, I think it’s clear for all to see just how incredibly dear you are to me!

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