Top 100 Birthday Wishes for Your Cousin Sister

104 happy birthday wishes found:

Relationships between most cousins
either tend to be a very close one or
quite distant.

I can say with certainty that to me,
you are and always have been part
of the former.

You are someone who I know I can
always rely on for fantastic support
and advice. You have always been
there for me and I have only great
memories of us growing up together.

Thank you for being an integral part
of my life, dear cousin.

Wishing you a very happy birthday
today and many more joyous
birthdays to come!
Some cousins are just that but then there are cousins like you. A cousin who is so much more, a true friend through and through.
Happy birthday, my dear cousin!

I may not get to tell you as often as I’d like because we are both always so busy, but you are a very important person to me and I’m very grateful to have you in my life!

You’re not just a cousin, but one of my oldest friends. You’re someone I’ve known my whole life, and I’m very lucky to have grown up with you by my side.

Have an awesome birthday, and a fantastic year ahead!

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