Top 100 Birthday Wishes for Your Cousin Sister

104 happy birthday wishes found:

I wanted to get something extraordinary 
and particularly special for a cousin 
who is more like a sister to me, 
but then I realized something:
You already have all of that in me!

I hope your birthday is as wonderful and 
as meaningful as you are to me, my dear! 
Wishing a very happy birthday to you!
Families are filled with many magnificent wonders, but there are few things as wonderful as being blessed with a truly precious cousin.

You must feel pretty lucky to have that in me!

Happy birthday to you today, my dear!
It is true that on paper you are my
cousin, but in my heart, you are
more like a sister to me.

I have so much love and admiration
for you, my dear, and I hope you
know that I will always be here for
you whenever you need me!

I’m wishing you the very best birthday
possible today and I wish you but
happiness for all the days to come!
Happy birthday, my dear cousin!

There aren’t many people I would choose to be my cousin and there are even fewer I’d choose to be my sister. Luckily, I didn’t have to choose between either with you as I was handed the 2 in 1!
Happy birthday, my dear cousin! Congratulations on still maintaining your youthful looks despite the many, many, many years that are against you!
Sometimes I wish you were my sister
But then I worry we might fight
So to have you as a cousin
Seems to be just right!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to a unique
Cousin who’s as funny as you
I’m thankful for the laughs
And your true friendship, too!
Laughing at each other or laughing
together, you’ll always be the person
I’ll most enjoy sharing life’s funniest
moments with!

Happy birthday, my sweet cousin!
Happy birthday to you, my dearest cousin!

Another year older and wiser, or I suppose
just older in your case!

Don’t worry, though! You still have many
years to come where you can learn from
me and gain some of my wisdom!
Happy birthday to the best cousin ever!

I want you to know that I look up to you as if you were my elder sister, cousin. It has nothing to do with age, only the fact that you look so much older than me!
The only reason that you’re my cousin
and not my sister is because God knew
that the world wouldn’t be able to cope
with us as siblings!

Still, you’ll always be a true sister to
me at heart!

I hope you have the most magnificent
birthday today!
Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin, who will always be more like a sister to me!
Happy birthday to the most gorgeous chic!

I want you to know you’re not just my
cousin but more like a sister to me!
Happy birthday to one of my dearest relatives! You might only be my cousin but to me, you will always be much more like an annoying younger sister!

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