Top 100 Birthday Wishes for Your Cousin Sister

104 happy birthday wishes found:

Wishing my sister at heart the
happiest birthday possible today!

Love you, my dearest cousin!
My dearest cousin, you are
the sister I was never lucky
enough to have and I wish
you only beautiful things
on your very special day!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my cousin who
funnily enough happens to have
the best cousin in the world!

How crazy is that!
Happy birthday to someone who has taken on two very special roles in my life!

You are my cousin, but first and foremost you are a sister to me!

You are a sister in every sense of the word; you are supportive, caring, and above all someone I can confide in!

Wishing you the best day possible filled with happiness, sis!
Happy birthday to a cousin who doesn’t
get older, she simply gets more fabulous!

According to my calculations, by the time
you’re an old woman you’re going to be
truly spectacular!

I’m sending you all my love and big kisses
on your special day today!
Happy birthday! Your birthday is always a
pleasing time for me as it reminds me that
you’ll always be older than me, cousin!
Happy birthday to my 
fondest family member!

A cousin to me you are
But you will always be 
More of a sister, by far!
Happy birthday, my sis from another miss!

I’m truly blessed that we’re related, but even if we weren’t cousins we’d still be best friends until the end of time. You really do mean the world to me, my dear.
Happy birthday, cuz! Not only are you a great blessing to our family, but you also mean more to me than you’ll ever know.
I’m still not totally convinced that we’re
cousins... I’m sure we are actually sisters
and there was just a mix-up at birth!

Happy birthday, sis!
Happy birthday, cousin!

On your special day this year, I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me.

After all, we share so much more than simply the same family; we also share lots of secrets and unforgettable moments from our childhood! 
There are few things in life as special as family, and you’re doubly blessed to have someone as spectacular as me in yours! Happy birthday, cuz!
Growing up together we were inseparable,
and even now years later it is no different!

We are closer than cousins, we are soul
sisters for sure! I hope that you have the
most incredible birthday today that you
deserve, my dear!

You mean so much to me and I just want
to see you happy in life!

A very happy birthday to you, sweetie!
We must be related because you have so
much style and sophistication just like me!

If people didn’t know any better or that
we’re cousins, they would definitely think
that we’re sisters!

Happy birthday, my dear! I hope you enjoy
your special day today!
Girl, each year you become more
beautiful and more fabulous than
ever before! I'm just hoping that's
something that runs in the family!

Happy birthday to you!

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