Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend That Will Make His Heart Leap

On your special day, I wanted to
tell you just how much you mean
to me, in a way that you’ll be able
to understand and relate to.

So I thought long and hard, and
decided that I love you even more
than you love football, and that’s
saying something! I long for the
day when you give me as much
attention as you do when you’re
watching a football match!

Have a very happy birthday today,
my love!
My sweet man,

It's difficult to put into words just how much I miss you. I think about you all day, and count down the moments in my head until I can finally wrap my arms around you and hold you tight! Oh, how my heart fills up when I receive a message from you, and if only you could see the smile on my face when we speak on the phone.

People always say that distance in a relationship makes you realise exactly how much you appreciate each other and makes you stronger as a couple, but until you live it you don’t realise just how true that is.

You are my whole world, my everything, and I hold you dearly in my heart each day until we are together again.

With all my love.
Congratulations, my love! You’re another
year older yet you’ve managed to maintain
the same incredibly low level of maturity
for the past several years now!

Most people tend to grow up and mature
as they get older, so well done on defying
that social norm!

I’m only kidding! I love your fun and playful
side, it’s what makes you who you are!

Happy birthday, you big kid!
It doesn’t matter if year after year you look older and older because as time goes by I only love you more and more! Happy birthday, honey!
Wishing a very happy
birthday to the man I
miss the most: my
one true love.

I hope these kisses
reach you quickly!
Even though things didn’t work out between us and you apparently weren’t the man for me, you’re still a great guy and someone I am proud to call a friend!

Wishing a wonderful birthday to a wonderful ex! Enjoy your day today!
I didn’t know what to write in your card,
so I just didn’t get you one! Hopefully
this birthday message will do instead!
To the love of my life, that happens to be the most amazing human being there is, I wish the loveliest of birthdays. Be happy, smile and always thrive, love!
On your birthday of all days,
I wish you weren’t so far away
But know that if it was possible,
I’d walk a thousand miles to
Celebrate with you, to make
Sure you have a great day.

Happy birthday, my love.
You know all the words to my soul. You know them by heart. You can enter whenever you want. But be gentle, I frighten very easily and I can feel that fear coming again.

I fear our love. I dread how fragile it makes me feel and how beautifully exposed I am. You know all of me. I feel naked when I’m around you.

You startle me with your smile. All my secrets are out in the open and my legs tremble.

Deep down I know I shouldn't be scared, since being with you is the safest I’ll ever be. But this frightens me too.

Our love frightens me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Have a fabulous birthday!
You are my sun and my sky
My moon and my stars
You are my whole entire world.

However far apart we may find
Ourselves, I always find comfort 
Knowing that I only need to look 
Up into the skies above to see you.

Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday to my better half who
completes me and makes me whole!

Forever grateful for you, my love! 😘
You are an ex who graced my life with an abundance of joy, and I'll always treasure your kindness and be grateful evermore!

Wishing you happiness not only on your special day today, but all year round, my dear! Happy birthday!
There’s no place more peaceful than the embrace of your arms; there’s no music more beautiful than the sound of your voice. You are all I want, and everything about you is perfect. Happy birthday to you, my love! I wish you the very best, today, tomorrow and forever. I love you a lot, and then some!
My gorgeous man is getting older and
older! Gradually turning grey and ever
closer to becoming a handsome silver fox!

Happy birthday, my love!

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