Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend That Will Make His Heart Leap

Happy birthday to the sarcastic guy with a great sense of humour that I once fell for!

Sending all my love to you on your special day today!
People say that you must have the
patience of a saint for putting up
with me, and they’re right!

Thank you for always being the
calm and composed person that
you are, and for bringing but serenity
and happiness into our lives!

Have a very happy birthday,
my love, my saint!
I gave you my heart and for as long
as I breathe it’ll beat with love for you.

Happy birthday!
You might be out of sight on your birthday this year, but you're certainly not out of mind as you couldn’t be any closer to my heart, my dear.

I hope your birthday is still as wonderful as can be, given that you're not able to spend it with me.
I've loved you since
I first saw you,
and I will love you
till the world ends.
Wishing you a
happy birthday!

Stay true to yourself,
fight for what you
love and want, and
never give up on us.
I wanted to write you a witty birthday message but since you’re the funniest guy I know, I was thinking that it’s probably best you write your own birthday wishes this year! That’s not me being lazy, it’s just me being sincere!
You are my lover
and best friend.
You know how to
make me laugh and
when to hold my hand.

You make everything better
just by being by my side.
You have the
strongest embrace.

All my love goes to you
on your very special day!

Loving you with all my heart
now and forever,
your girl!
Some exes leave your life, never to be heard from again! I’m so glad that we’ve kept in touch and stayed friends, though! Happy birthday to you today!
May your cake be sweet and your birthday wishes even sweeter, but remember that the sweetest thing of all is your amazingly gorgeous girlfriend!

Have an incredible day and enjoy lots of big birthday kisses from your incredible missus!
Every time I see you, I thank God for the day he brought us together!

Every day my love for you grows and I spend my time longing for the moment when I’ll see you once again.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, as wonderful as you make each of my days!
My sweetie,

Every day I wake up here in dreamland. Is it day or is it night? I couldn’t tell, for every hour is bright here in dreamland. Is it raining? The sky is bright blue and the flowers blossom every day here in dreamland. Do you murmur or do you shout? Neither, for no words are needed here in dreamland.

But if all I could say was this, it would be to wish you a day such as the ones you make me feel every day here in dreamland!
Star-crossed lovers from the start, we were never meant to be romantically. I’m still grateful to have a guy like you in my life as a friend though! Happy birthday!
I know I won’t be able to see you on your birthday this year, so I’m sending your wishes in advance of your special day. Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday
to my dear man!

My love and my flame,
of whom I’ve always
felt the same,
whether near or far,
it'll never matter
where you are!
You touched my heart 
In so many different ways 
That I can’t let your birthday go by 
Without wishing you the best of days!

Happy birthday!

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