Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend That Will Make His Heart Leap

There’s a reason why you’re my ex:
I couldn’t handle just how wonderful
you are! Trying to compete with you
is exhausting!

Happy birthday for today, my dear!
You could be right here
Or many miles away, 
But there’s one thing 
You must always know
For you, my heart 
Will continue to grow.

Happy birthday, love.
My man is strong, he can lift me without even touching me. My man is wise, he knows just what to say to me. My man is sweet, but too much of him doesn’t give me a tummy ache. You are my very special man and I wish you the loveliest birthday!
As your special day 
Comes around once more
You have to know that
You’re the one I adore
You warm my heart
And fill my days with joy
I have so much love for you
My sweet birthday boy.

Happy birthday with lots
And lots of love from your
Greatest admirer ❤️ 
Happy birthday, loverboy!

You’re funny and kind
Through and through
We make a good match
Me and you!
Happy birthday to someone
Who consumes my whole heart
I hope that we never again
Find ourselves apart.
Happy birthday with wishes full of love to my whole world! You’re not just my boyfriend, you’re my most special one!
Happy birthday to my love, my boyfriend, and my best friend! I hope your special day warms your heart as much as you warm mine, my special man!
Happy birthday to my gorgeous
girlfriend who really lucked out
in the boyfriend department!

You’re a very lucky girl to have
someone as wonderful and as
funny as me!
Happy birthday to my BF: my boyfriend
and my best friend!

I am so lucky to have found a boy like you,
who provides me with endless happiness
and makes all my dreams come true.
You truly are a lover like no other.
Today is a very special day as it’s the birthday of my lovely boyfriend! I’m sending him lots of love, kisses, and big birthday wishes!
Today I am sending
The best birthday wishes
For a boyfriend so sweet
He’s simply the kindest
Guy I’ll ever meet!

Happy birthday, love!
Happy birthday, my love! May your birthday be as beautiful and as special as the boy you are to me. You truly are a very unique and special boyfriend.
My love, I thought it would be more romantic this year to send your birthday wishes in advance. That way, you have lovely wishes from me to wake up to ❤️
My love, you are somebody so special to me that you simply don’t have to wait until your birthday to receive your wishes from me. Happy birthday in advance, handsome!

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