Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend That Will Make His Heart Leap

If I told you that you’re the second most beautiful person in the world I’m sure you would agree, because as we both know the first and foremost is obviously me!

Happy birthday to you today, my handsome man!
You are a part of me.
I don't know how it happened,
Or when it came to be like this,
But now you are a part of me.

If I were to face this world alone
I would feel like an amputee
Forever wondering the earth
Without the best part of me.

Loving you forever so terribly,
My sweetie, I wish you but the best
On this very special day!
Meeting you changed my life for the better. Never had I met someone as special as you. I don’t know what the future has in store for us; I just want to keep living the dream.

Have a fantastic day, my sweetie!
My sweet man, I want to wish you
the very best birthday today!

I know how difficult being apart has
been, and I just want to thank you
for being so supportive and making
so much effort to make this work!

I never feel like I am out of sight
and out of mind, you are so considerate
and you're always there when I need you.

You are my rock! Love you always!
You’re worth the effort, and boy,
are you a lot of effort!

Being your girlfriend requires lots
of patience, determination, courage
and perseverance.

Luckily, you have a wonderful girlfriend
with all of these great qualities!

I hope that you have an amazing day,
my love! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to an awesome guy who touched my heart from the moment I first met him!

Although we’re no longer together as a couple, you still mean a lot to me and you always will. I truly value your friendship!

Enjoy your special day today!
I hope the universe rewards such a kind and caring man with all of life’s little wonders and pleasures today!

Happy birthday, my dear ex!
Happy birthday to you, my love!

Since it’s your birthday today, I’ll let you have the final say for a change! But remember, this very generous offer is only for today so make the most of it and enjoy it while you can!
Happy birthday! May your heart be filled with positive vibes today, and I hope all your wishes come true. Love you forever!
My love for you stretches even further than the many miles between us!

Happy birthday, my darling!
The saying goes it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, and that couldn’t be any more accurate when it comes to you, my dear!

I’m grateful for the time we shared and the memories we made! Happy birthday to you today!
My sweetie,

Our love grows like a tree; it gets stronger by the moment. It started as a small tree, so fragile that even a gust of wind could break its branches. It could barely hold itself to the ground, but we cherished it and watered it and day by day its roots started to spread and gradually it was able to support the weight better.

Little by little the trunk became larger as did our feelings for each other. The branches started to see the sun and the leaves slowly appeared, one by one.

It took time, but today we have a majestic tall tree with a full crown and the juiciest fruit of all.

Have a fabulous birthday!
I wish time travel already existed so that I could teleport myself into your arms today, my sweet man. Until then, I’m wishing you a happy birthday from here.
If I were there with you in person today I
could be more romantic, but know that
you’re still in my thoughts and in my heart.

I’m sending you all my prayers and wishes
on your special day today. Happy birthday
from your ever-loving girlfriend.
If I had but one wish, it would be that
on your birthday this year, you were
here holding me in your arms.

But I know that it is your birthday so
you make the wishes, and I am sure
you’ll be thinking of me when you’re
blowing out your candles.

Happy birthday, my love. I am counting
down the days until we are reunited.

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