Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend That Will Make His Heart Leap

286 happy birthday wishes found:

My gorgeous man is getting older and
older! Gradually turning grey and ever
closer to becoming a handsome silver fox!

Happy birthday, my love!
I've loved you since
I first saw you,
and I will love you
till the world ends.
Wishing you a
happy birthday!

Stay true to yourself,
fight for what you
love and want, and
never give up on us.
Happy birthday, my sweetheart. I could search far and wide for the perfect gift for your birthday, but the truth would still remain that nothing compares to all the love I have in my heart for you.

You are my lover, best friend, and favorite person in the world, and my only wish for your birthday is that it brings as much joy to your heart as you bring to mine each and every day.
Out of all the gifts that you’ve been
eagerly anticipating receiving today,
the one you’ve been waiting for the
most is still yet to come. Sometimes,
the best things are worth waiting for.

Happy birthday, my handsome one.
You are my lover
and best friend.
You know how to
make me laugh and
when to hold my hand.

You make everything better
just by being by my side.
You have the
strongest embrace.

All my love goes to you
on your very special day!

Loving you with all my heart
now and forever,
your girl!
If I were there with you in person today I
could be more romantic, but know that
you’re still in my thoughts and in my heart.

I’m sending you all my prayers and wishes
on your special day today. Happy birthday
from your ever-loving girlfriend.
You touched my heart 
In so many different ways 
That I can’t let your birthday go by 
Without wishing you the best of days!

Happy birthday!
I love you here,
I love you there,
it’s true I love you

Happy birthday,
my handsome man!
Happy birthday to you today, my handsome man! I would fly your birthday wishes to you today, but I’d be too tempted to hop on board and join them!

I hope you have a lovely day and we’ll celebrate together soon, my love.
Happy birthday, my dear.

We are apart,
but only in person
for you’re always in
my heart wherever I go.

I can’t wait until this
distance is a thing of
the past, and we can
finally start to plan
our future together.

But until then I’ll be
patient, because I know
that it’ll be worth it when
we see each other again.

With all my love
on your special day!
It doesn’t matter if year after year you look older and older because as time goes by I only love you more and more! Happy birthday, honey!
You are special to me in every way imaginable, and simply not having you here by my side makes it feel like there’s a part of me missing.

I can’t wait to be held in your big arms once again. Happy birthday, my love.
We may no longer be an item, but you’re too important of a person not to wish a happy birthday today!

Happy birthday, my dear!
Happy birthday to you today, my one
and only.

You might be too far away for me to
give you a present this year, but I’m
sending you the biggest kiss from here.

I hope your special day is still a
special one without me there.
Happy birthday to the sarcastic guy with a great sense of humour that I once fell for!

Sending all my love to you on your special day today!

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