Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend That Will Make His Heart Leap

I love you here,
I love you there,
it’s true I love you

Happy birthday,
my handsome man!
Happy birthday, my love. 

As much as this distance tests my heart, I know that it’s for the greater good. I can’t wait to see you and celebrate properly.
Although the ship has well and truly sailed on anything romantic between us, I’m still glad that we’ve remained great friends!

Happy birthday to you today!
Happy birthday, my sweetheart. I could search far and wide for the perfect gift for your birthday, but the truth would still remain that nothing compares to all the love I have in my heart for you.

You are my lover, best friend, and favorite person in the world, and my only wish for your birthday is that it brings as much joy to your heart as you bring to mine each and every day.
I know that turning another year older might make you a little emotional and you might even want to cry, but it’s not all that bad… just think of the positives, like the fact that you have an amazing girlfriend to comfort you in your time of need!
Happy birthday, my love.

With or without you here beside me, you make my life infinitely better. Simply hearing your voice puts the biggest smile on my face.
Happy birthday, honey!

I always thought you’d get more handsome with age and luckily for me I was right!
You’re in my heart 
And in my prayers
You’re the one I can count on
The one who always cares.
You’re constantly on my mind
Even when you’re far away
And more so than ever 
Today on your special day.

Happy birthday, my love.
It doesn’t matter how many miles
there are between us because if
you’re not right by my side then you
are already too far away, my dear.

Happy birthday, my love. I can’t
wait to be held in your arms as
you belong here beside me.
It pains me that we can’t be together
to celebrate your special day today,
but I’m sending all my love and best
wishes your way.

No matter how far apart we may be,
you’ll always be the person who
means the most to me.

Happy birthday to you, hon.
We’re not fortunate enough to spend your birthday together this year, but you’re the man of my dreams and worth the wait to celebrate with.

Happy birthday, my love.
You meet thousands of people in your
lifetime, but you will always stick out in
a very special way to me!

Happy birthday to you today!
As I won’t be able to be with you on your special day this year, I’m sending you all my love and heartfelt birthday wishes in advance, my dear.

I hope you have the most spectacular day, and we’ll celebrate together when we’re next reunited.
Happy birthday, dear ex!

We may not have always seen eye to eye but today, on your birthday, I want to raise a glass to you and bury the hatchet!

Cheers to you and here’s to the start of our re-established friendship!
You make loving you so easy, just by being who you are! A big kiss on this very special day to my very special man!

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