Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

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Happy birthday, bestie!

On your special day today, I have to tell you that your friendship is far superior to that of any friendship I’ve had before.

It’s the most meaningful and heart touching relationship I’ve ever experienced and I am truly blessed for having you in my life!
There simply are not enough words in the dictionary to accurately describe how passionately and strongly I feel about our friendship. All I can tell you is that it truly means everything to me!

Have a wonderful birthday today, bestie!
Happy birthday to my absolute fav.

Nothing touches my heart more or makes me quite as emotional as when I think about our friendship, my dear best friend. What we have is something truly special and I cherish it with my whole entire heart. In my eyes, you are like a sister to me.

I hope you enjoy your special day, my sweet friend and glamorous girl.
I am so very fortunate to
Have found a friend like you
As a gem as rare as you
In the world, there are few.
A truly precious friend
You’re simply one-of-a-kind
A dear gal pal like you
Is not easy to find.

I’m wishing you the happiest
Birthday possible, girl.
I’m so happy to be wishing you a
happy birthday on this special day
of yours today, bestie.

We have been friends for such a
long time that over the years you
have become more like family to me.
I am very fortunate to have a friend
as wonderful as you in my life and
someone I can trust with anything
and everything. To me, you're more
like a sister than anything else.

I hope you enjoy your birthday today
and many more sweet years ahead.
For the girl that you are
A best friend like you
A simple happy birthday
Just will not do!

You are so special
And your friendship
Means everything to me.
I just wanted you to know
On your birthday this year
How incredibly important,
Touching, and meaningful
You are to me, my dear.

May you have the fabulous
Birthday that you so deserve,
My lovely best friend.
Happy birthday to my all-time bestie!

Here’s to you, to us, and most 
importantly, to our friendship!
May it last for a very long 
time to come, girl!
Happy birthday to you today, bestie!

Our friendship is so beautiful and heart-touching that sometimes it makes me feel as though I could cry tears of joy.

You will always be one of the most special friends I’ve ever had.
A friend like you brings great comfort to
my days, as I know that you are someone
I can always trust and rely upon.

Thank you for always being there for me,
bestie. May you have a very happy
birthday today.
Happy birthday to a great friend of mine who is one of the very best people to be around in any situation!

You’re the life of the party and being around you is always guaranteed to be a blast! And, on the other hand, if I’m ever feeling sad you’re there to support me and cheer me up.

You truly are a marvellous friend!
I have only the best wishes
For the birthday celebrant: 
A girl who deserves the world
Simply for being so excellent!

May your birthday be like you
Sophisticated and elegant
A special celebration that is
Oh so fancy and decadent!

Happy birthday to you, my dear
Best friend and favorite gal pal!
True friendship is a beautiful thing,
and I am so incredibly lucky that I
found that with you.

You are the gold standard of friends
and I count my blessings each day
that you came into my life!

I’m wishing you the happiest of
birthdays today, my friend!
Great friends don’t come along every day so if you’re lucky enough to find someone as special as you, it’s important to hold onto that friendship and cherish it as it grows. I will always be grateful for the special bond that we have formed and nurture it always.

Happy birthday, my dear friend. May you have the most amazing day.

It truly is a blessing for me to be wishing a happy birthday to someone like you! I am so lucky to have a best friend who is always there for me and who is as kind, sweet, and as lovely as you. I’ll always be grateful for the fabulous times that we’ve shared together and the magnificent memories we have made.

Have a fantastic birthday, bestie.
Bestie, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know what it is to have a friendship so true. The memories we’ve made together are so special and unique to us, and I’ll cherish them forever. You mean the world to me and I mean that from the very deepest depths of my heart.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays today and pure happiness always, my dearest gal pal.