Happy Birthday Quotes for Teenager

70 happy birthday wishes found:

13 today! Welcome to your teenage years!

Thirteen is a magical age, with so many
new experiences on the horizon for you!

Enjoy this new chapter in your life and
cherish these youthful years, as you’ll
never get them back!

You’re no longer the little kid we once
knew and loved, now you’re on the path to
becoming the adolescent that we adore!

Have a joyous birthday and many happy
years to come!
Happy birthday to the teen queen! Today is all about you, girl!

I hope you have a day filled with lots of attention and joyous moments, and I’m wishing for all of your hopes and dreams to come true today!

Big kisses!
Happy birthday to
A fabulous teen,
Today you are the
Birthday queen!
Happy birthday to my dear teen!

You continue to make me the proudest mom on the face of the earth, and for that, I am truly grateful!

Like every other day, I’m wishing you all the happiness in the world, but just that little bit more on this very special birthday of yours!
Happy birthday to an
independent teen!

You’re maturing into a wonderful
and sensible human being, and
it won’t be long now before you’re
moving out of your parent’s house
for good!

I wish you the very best on your
special day!
Happy birthday to my favourite teen!

Remember, you won’t be young forever,
so enjoy your teenage years as they
only come around once!
Happy birthday to a totally rad teen!

You’re the coolest kid I know, and so
effortlessly awesome! I hope that you
have a party as cool as you are, and
enjoy hanging out with all your friends!

Have a great one, dude!
Happy birthday to the coolest teen I know!

If I could give you one piece of advice, it
would be to savour these teenage years of
yours, because they’re quite possibly some
of the best years of your life!

This chapter of your life will pass you by
in a flash, so make sure to create great
memories that you can look back on!

Seize every opportunity that you can, take
chances, and don't have regrets!

Sending you my very best wishes for today
and for the future!
Happy birthday to a trendy teen!

Always be happy, and live your
teenage years to the fullest!
Happy birthday to the newest teen
in the family!

I hope that this new chapter of your
life brings you much happiness and
new experiences which leave you
with everlasting memories.

It’s certainly a special time for you,
and I hope that you enjoy it!

Live these years to the fullest and
I hope that you have a truly
fantastic birthday!
Happy birthday to a supreme teen!

Wishing you an incredible birthday
this year filled with fun!
Wishing a very happy teen birthday to you!

Enjoy these glorious, carefree years and
spend as much time as you possibly can
with your family and friends!

I hope your party is a blast and that it’s
everything you wanted!
Happy birthday to the trendiest
teen I know!

You’re a trendsetter in the truest
sense, always leading the way
for new styles and quirky ideas.

Everyone wants to be like you;
you’re the coolest kid around!

Hoping your birthday brings you
another year of unique inspiration!
Happy birthday to a teen
Who has been a joy
To know growing up!

Wishing you many
Happy years ahead!
Happy birthday to my favourite teen!

The years are passing by quicker than ever! I can’t believe that you’re almost old enough to start driving! How is it possible!? It feels like only yesterday you were learning to walk! You’re growing up fast and into a wonderful person, I must say.

Enjoy these exciting teenage years and all of the new privileges that come with them!

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