Happy Birthday Quotes for Teenager

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It’s official, you’re a teenager now!
Happy birthday! 

Wishing you all the love, success
and happiness possible on this
new chapter of your life!
Your last year of being a teen
You've made me proud, my 13-year-old boy
What an exciting time in your life!
You’re a teenager now!

You’re growing up, heading towards
adulthood, but remember you don’t
have to grow up too quickly for you
still have many teenage years to enjoy!

Take it slow and enjoy your youthful years!

Many congratulations and a very happy
birthday to you! I hope you have an
amazing and very memorable day!
Thirteen and fabulous
I hope your first teen birthday is unforgettable
Happy birthday to a teenager with a great
sense of humour, a great attitude, and the
best personality!

Everybody loves you for it!
A teenager without an attitude just wouldn’t be a teenager at all!

Luckily for us, you have a great attitude and a lovely personality!

Have an awesome birthday and may this year be the best yet of all your teenage years so far!
Happy birthday to a truly terrific teenager!

Throughout your teenage years, you seem
to have blossomed into a mature and
respectful young person! You have done
your parents proud, studying hard for
exams and keeping on top of all your
school work, while still having time for
your family and friends!

I know from experience that your teenage
years can be difficult and stressful, so a
really well done to you for pushing through
so wonderfully!

Enjoy your special day, you’ve earned it!
Happy birthday to you! You’ve really come
into your own since becoming a teenager,
and it truly is a joy to see that bubbly
personality of yours shining through!

You’re larger than life, always cracking
jokes and making people laugh. This
phase of your life seems to be suiting
you very well!

Continue to enjoy your teenage years,
and we’ll continue to enjoy watching
you blossom!
Happy birthday to the
smartest teenager I know!

You are certainly wise
beyond your years!
Happy birthday to a super
cool, laid-back teenager!

I hope your birthday is as
chill as you are!
Happy birthday to a bright teenager who is on the road to success!

Wishing you all the best!
On your birthday this year, dear teenager, I’m wishing for everything you want in life to come true! Happy birthday!
A super cool teenager deserves an equally
cool birthday! Happy birthday to you!

Let’s make sure your birthday party rocks!

That means lots of food, the biggest cake,
and the company of all your closest friends
and family! Have an awesome time, dude!
Happy birthday to our teenager!

Now that you have reached this point in your life, I hope you can understand that, as parents, it is our duty to embarrass you from time to time!

What we think is endearing, you probably will not! Just know that we’ll never purposely humiliate you, and everything we do is only out of love for you!

Have a fantastic birthday, kiddo!

Lots of love from mom and dad!
Happy birthday to the most
grown up teen I know!

While some teenagers would
rebel during this phase in their
lives, you, my dear, have done
the opposite and are instead
blossoming into a truly
wonderful person!

It is a great wonder to watch you
grow and mature so beautifully!

Have the fabulous birthday that
you so very deserve, and continue
to enjoy your teenage years to the
fullest extent!
Happy birthday, teenager! I hope that
you’re enjoying this phase of your life,
for your teenage years are probably
some of the best years of your life!

You get to enjoy endless fun with very
little responsibility!

Make sure you live these years to the
fullest so that you can always look back
on them with happy memories!

Have a fantastic birthday!
13 today! Welcome to your teenage years!

Thirteen is a magical age, with so many
new experiences on the horizon for you!

Enjoy this new chapter in your life and
cherish these youthful years, as you’ll
never get them back!

You’re no longer the little kid we once
knew and loved, now you’re on the path to
becoming the adolescent that we adore!

Have a joyous birthday and many happy
years to come!

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