Happy Birthday Quotes for Teenager

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It has gone midnight and you know what that means: you have now officially entered into your teens!

Happy 13th birthday, my dear!

I’m wishing you a great start to being a teenager and hoping that you enjoy the best years of your life!
Happy 17th to the birthday boy and greatest teenager around! You’re growing up to be quite a remarkable young man!
Happy 14th birthday to me today! It feels great to be turning another year older, especially as I’m no longer the newest teenager around!
Congratulations on becoming 14!

Now that being a teenager is nothing new
to you, I’m hoping that you effortlessly sail
through the rest of your teenage years,
making many wonderful memories along
the way.

I hope you enjoy your special day.
Happy 13th birthday to you and
a very warm welcome to your
first year of being a teenager!

These 7 teenage years ahead of
you are so very special and I hope
that they are filled with amazing
moments that leave you with
incredible, lasting memories!

I hope you make the very best
of them! Sending my best wishes
your way today, my dear!
Today is my 27th birthday!

I know, it’s hard to believe because I still look so young and full of life much more like a teenager. Hopefully, my youthful good-looks will see me through into my thirties and beyond too!
Happy birthday to the most wonderful 12-year-old I know! I hope you enjoy your final year of being a kid before you officially become a teenager!
Happy birthday to a newly established
teen who is more like 13 going on 30!

You are well beyond your years, my
dear, as you are so much more mature
than any other teenager I know!

I hope you enjoy your very special
birthday this year!
There’s a new teenager on the block
So you know what that must mean...
Today a special someone
Is turning thirteen!

I'm sending my best wishes and
Huge congratulations to you, my dear!
May you have a very memorable and
Marvellous 13th birthday today!
Happy 20th birthday!

The fun doesn’t have to stop just because you’re no longer a teenager! In fact, your twenties will probably be the best years of your life!
I’m sending my congratulations
and wishing you a very happy
birthday as you reach this
incredible milestone of
turning into a teenager!

May your thirteenth birthday
be truly terrific!
Happy birthday to my new favorite 14-year-old! May your second year of being a teenager be even better than the first!
Happy 13th birthday to you, my man!

You’re no longer a boy now that you’re
a teenager and growing up so fast!
13 today! Look at you all grown up, my dear! Wishing you the happiest birthday and an incredible start to being a teenager!
Our sweet little kid is a kid no more!
Today, my dear, you make the
transformation from child to teenager!

You may not be our sweet little kid,
but now you’re our sweet teen!

I hope this new and exciting chapter
in your life brings you nothing but
happiness and success in every
aspect of your life.

All our love, mom & dad!

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