Happy Birthday Quotes for Teenager

70 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to a truly terrific teen!

Your teenage years are so magical,
and possibly some of the best years
of your life!

You can revel in the last few years of
having less responsibility, appreciating
that you’re able to make mistakes and
learn from them while you’re still young.

You can also start to enjoy the luxury
of more and more freedom and being
treated more like an adult!

Just remember, you only get 7 years of
them to enjoy, so make sure you live
each and every year to the fullest!

Have the happiest birthday and a day
filled with joy!
Wishing you the best birthday and biggest
party of your teenage years so far!

Hope you have a blast!
Congratulations on finally becoming a teenager! Your teenage years won’t last forever, so make the most of each and every one of them!

Happy 13th birthday to you!
It’s official, you’re no longer a teenager!
Happy birthday to you!

With age comes greater responsibility,
but you’re more than capable of
stepping up to the challenge!
Happy 14th birthday, my dear!

I still can’t believe you’re a teen already. It feels like only yesterday that you were just a kid, and the image of you becoming a teenager felt like a million years away!
Happy 20th birthday to you!

Now that you’re no longer a teenager I guess you’ll have to stop acting like one! 
You’re no longer a teenager which can mean only one thing: it’s finally time to start growing up!

Just kidding with you, happy 20th birthday!
My beautiful daughter, today
you are officially a teenager!

I’m wishing you great success
and all the very best for your
teenage years ahead!
Happy birthday to the newest teenager on the block! I want to wish you the happiest 13th birthday today and I hope that it’s everything you had dreamt it’d be! 
Happy 12th birthday to you! Just one more year now until you’re a teenager! I hope you enjoy your final year of being a kid!
You may still be a teenager, but your 18th birthday is a reminder that those years are coming to an end and you’re entering adulthood!

You’re already so grown up that I am certain you will adjust to this new phase of your life with ease!

They will probably be some of the best years of your life, with so many new adventures awaiting you. Make the most of every opportunity, and most of all make sure you enjoy it!

Have a great birthday!
Happy 12th birthday to you and congratulations on your last year before turning into a teen!

Watching you grow up has been a joy, but the image of you becoming a teenager is still too unreal I can barely picture it!
Happy 13th birthday to my perfect kid!

Of course, as your parent, I only see
sunshine flow from you but to me, you
are simply the sweetest kid around!

I just hope that now you’re a teenager
all of that doesn’t change!
Happy 13th birthday to you and
a very warm welcome to your
first year of being a teenager!

These 7 teenage years ahead of
you are so very special and I hope
that they are filled with amazing
moments that leave you with
incredible, lasting memories!

I hope you make the very best
of them! Sending my best wishes
your way today, my dear!
I’m wishing a great big happy birthday to my favorite pre-teen today!

You’re not quite a teenager yet, but you’re also not far off! So, now that you’re turning 11 it will be good to start practising for when the time comes!

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