Birthday Wishes for Teacher

400 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to the best teacher I ever
had! Even though you’re technically now
an ex-teacher of mine, your lessons still
live on and I carry them with me always.

I genuinely even miss your classes from
time to time!
Happy birthday, teacher!

Perhaps if I didn’t have sooo
much homework to do, I could’ve
baked you a cake!
There aren’t many teachers
like you left; most of the good
ones have retired already! 

Happy birthday, teacher!
Happy birthday to a teacher who
is a strong feature of this school!

Although, the reasons for why
you stand out so much are open
to interpretation!
The older teachers are always the wisest,
and you’re the wisest of them all, teacher!

Wishing you a very happy birthday!
Happy birthday to a truly fantastic teacher!

The warmth and energy that you put out
are reflected in the many devoted students
who love your classes! 
You don’t just educate your students, you touch their hearts and inspire them. You’re a magnificent teacher and I’m lucky to have been taught by you!

Happy birthday to you!
There are good teachers and mediocre teachers, and then there is you: an excellent teacher!

Happy birthday to you today!
Your passion for what you do shines
through in how much effort and
dedication you put into your classes!

Happy birthday and thank you for
being an incredible teacher!
You have guided me so brilliantly, showing me which direction I should take. You are an outstanding teacher and I am so grateful to you! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, teacher!

Thank you for making the effort
to ensure that your lessons are
always fun and interesting!

It’s for that reason alone that
you’re my favourite by far!
Happy birthday to a teacher who is
liked by many!

I mean, a fun teacher who gives fewer
homework assignments is always going
to be a favourite among students!

I hope you have a really great and
enjoyable birthday this year!
Happy birthday, teacher! Yours are the
only classes that I actually look forward to,
so I guess that makes you my favourite!
Happy birthday to a teacher whose
classes are so gripping that I never
want them to end!
If I worked hard in your classes it’s only because you gave me the drive and enthusiasm to do so. You’re a truly wonderful teacher, among the best!

Happy birthday!