Birthday Wishes For Special Friend

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Bestie, my wishes for you on your very special day today are that you have a day that is just as wonderful, touching, and lovely as you are!

Happy birthday!
We’re connected by our souls
Happy birthday to a friend I can trust
To have a boy bestie 
Who’s as great as you
Truly is a blessing to have 
As part of my crew!

I’m sending you a big bro hug 
And wishing you the coolest
And most fantastic birthday
Possible today, buddy!
Your friendship means everything
My best school memories all feature you
I’m sending a great big happy birthday to you
from the bottom of my heart on your most
special day of the year, my dear bestie!

On your day today, I want you to know just
how incredibly important you and your
friendship are to me. You make more
of a difference to my life and add more
meaning to it than you’re probably aware of.
We make a perfect pair, bestie
I'm lucky to have a bestie in you, girl
I’m wishing the happiest of birthdays to you today, my dear best friend.

I hope that your heart is filled with love and you are overwhelmed with glee on your very special day. May you shed tears of joy and cry with happiness, girl.
Happy almost birthday, bestie!

You’ve already had the most special wishes now you’ve heard from the best, so on your special day, you will hear from the rest!
Happy birthday to my number one bestie
Wishes for my best friend and brother
On this very special day of yours,
I have but the very best birthday
wishes for you, my dear best friend!

May it fill your heart with all the joy
you deserve!
Your friendship means the world to me and more
The best friend a girl could wish for
If there were a best friend’s award you would win it every year, for there’s no friend better than you. Happy birthday, and thank you for being such a big part of my life!

Hanging out with you is a cure to all problems; you make my world a better place and all I want is for you to find true happiness in life.

I’ll always be here for you; I’ll always care for you, and forever wish you only the best.
These birthday wishes are early
They come from me to you
To thank you for your friendship
And everything else that you do!

Happy birthday in advance, bestie!
Happy birthday, bestie! You deserve all the love that’ll be coming your way on your special day today, for you truly are a very special person!
Your birthday is almost here
But I simply couldn’t wait
To wish a happy birthday
To a friend who is so great!

Happy advance birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday, my beautiful bestie!

I’m so lucky to have found a hilarious and quirky friend like you to add a bit of light and laughter to my days! Everybody needs a little bit of crazy in their life!
Happy birthday, bestie!

We truly were made for each other and destined to be best friends, as I don’t know anyone else who would be able to handle us! We’re lucky to have each other, girl!
You deserve more than just any old gift
and only the very best is good enough
for a dear friend and great girl like you!

I refuse to get you anything that doesn’t
match how cool and awesome you are,
and as I am still yet to find that, I
haven’t got you anything at all!

You should be flattered, bestie!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, bestie. 

These birthday wishes come
From my heart to yours
They are pure and true, as
I wish nothing but the best 
For a dear friend like you. 
May all your days be happy
May they be filled with joy
Leaving everlasting memories 
For you to always enjoy. 

Sending lots of love your way
On your very special day today,
Girl. May it be a fab one for you. 
Happy birthday, girl! I’m showing my love for
you on your birthday this year by sending you
the sweetest wishes and by simply letting you
know that to me, you are so incredibly dear!

Wishing you a fabulous day and a lovely year
ahead, bestie!

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