Birthday Wishes For Special Friend

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Since you’re my best friend,
I wanted to be the very first
to wish you a happy birthday!
So here’s to you, my friend!

Early birthday wishes mean I’m
thinking of you before anyone else,
so I hope you know just how much
your friendship means to me.

May your first birthday message
be the first of many more to come,
and may your special day be a
truly wonderful and incredible one!
A love that’s true and tender
Happy birthday to my favorite weirdo
Happy birthday, bestie!

I hate to be so far away and miss your
birthday this year but trust me if there’s
any way I could’ve avoided it I would have!
Someone I’ve known forever
You're my favourite person and best friend, sis
Happy birthday, bestie.

My birthday wish for you
This year is that you may 
Always love, laugh, and cry.

When you love, may it be pure
When you laugh, may it be loud
And if you must ever cry, may it
Only be with tears of happiness.
You don't look another year older, bestie
Happy birthday to my wild and crazy friend
I might be far away
From my best friend
On her special day
But I’m sending my
Very best wishes from
All the way over here!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, bestie!

We might be a little socially distant this
year, but never before have you been so
close to my heart. Miss you loads, girl!
A fab friend deserves their wishes early
A friendship like ours is all that matters
Happy birthday to my bestie who is anything but ordinary! I’m so lucky to have an incredibly sweet and beautiful friend as unique and special as you!
Happy birthday to my best bud
I’ll keep your real age a secret
Even though we’re miles apart, 
You’re my best friend and 
You’ll always be firmly in my heart!

Happy birthday to you today!
I’m super sad that I can’t be there with you to celebrate your special day today, bestie, but I have no doubt that you’ll make your day your own just like you always do!

I’m sending you lots of love and birthday wishes from afar, my dear!
For a girl as special as you,
may you have a birthday that’s
just as special and fabulous too.

Happy birthday, bestie.
It’s true, today is your birthday but I
wouldn’t worry about getting older,
bestie. With a childish personality like
yours you’ll always be young at heart!
Happy birthday to the only girl who can make me laugh uncontrollably, and usually at the most inappropriate times! 😜
You are a friend 
That is always there
You are a friend 
Who shows you care
To me, your friendship
Truly means everything
For all of the happiness
And joy that you bring.

Wishing you a very happy
And fabulous birthday, girl.
I always wish for only the very best
in life for you, my dear friend, but
I’m sending you extra special
wishes today as it’s your birthday.

You mean a great deal to me, and
I’m hoping that your special day
makes you feel as happy and as
loved as your friendship makes me.

Happy birthday to you.
A friendship that has stood the test of
time for as long as ours deserves to
be celebrated and, in my eyes, there’s
no better time to show you how much
you mean to me than on your birthday,
my dear friend.

I hope you have a day that’s as super
special as you are to me. Happy birthday.
As your special day comes around
this year, I thought it would be the
perfect time to tell you how special
you are to me too.

Your incredible friendship has touched
my heart in so many wonderful ways,
and knowing I have someone who is
always there for me is a blessing. I’ll
always be grateful to you for that.

I hope you have the best celebrations
and the most amazing birthday today,
girl. You deserve it. 

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