Happy Birthday Sister from Another Mother

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Happy birthday to the one person in
the world I could never be without!

You are my best gal pal and sis from
another, and you continuously manage
to make each day brighter than before!

Sending lots of love your way today, girl!
Another birthday already, girl! What
happened to us, when did we get so old!

No matter how old we get, we’ll always
be there for each other and you’ll forever
be my favorite gal pal.

I hope you enjoy your special day, bestie.
A gal pal like you who
Is so funny and sweet
Is more like a sister
Than anyone I’ll meet!

Happy birthday, my
Sister from another!
You’re more than just a great friend to me;
you’re a true sister in every sense of the
word. You give me the confidence and
courage to stand for what I believe in and
you encourage me to pursue my dreams.

Without you by my side, I wouldn’t be
nearly half the person that I am.

I’m sending all my love to you today on
your special day!
Happy birthday to my true soul sister, my dear gal pal for life.

The fact that you came into this world from another mother is the one and only thing that sets us apart from biological siblings, and you’ll always be able to quote me on that.
Happy birthday to you today, sis!

We may not share the same mother but that makes no difference to me. You are more caring, supportive, and loyal than many full sisters out there!

No matter what, you will always be the most complete sister to me.
You are a girl I can always count on
and you’ll always be more like a
sister to me than just my best friend.

Happy birthday, my dearest!
The very best friend 
I could wish for
So kind and so true
Will always be dear to me
A soul sister like you. 

Happy birthday, bestie!
You might not be my biological sister, but deep down in my heart, you're the truest sister ever to exist.

You are so meaningful to me and a real blessing in my life; I couldn’t be more thankful for you.

Happy birthday, my special sis!
I care for you like a little sister and
I look up to you like an elder sister.

You will always be my inspiration,
bestie. Happiest of birthdays to you.
Happy birthday to my sister-like friend and bosom pal! The only way we could be more like sisters is if we had actually been born by the same mother!
Happy birthday to my very dearest! There’s
really no other companion quite like you!

We are inseparable, in sync, and totally
devoted to one another! Much more like
twin sisters than buddies!

I hope your special day is just as lovely
as you are, my dear!
Happy birthday to my lovely sister and
thank you to your mom for bringing my
best friend into the world!

I hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy birthday to my sister from
another mister, my sis from another
miss, my fam from another mam!

However you look at it, you’re my
sister one way or another!
Friends forever and
Sisters at the soul,
You’ll always be one
Of the most special
People I cherish with
All of my heart.

Happy birthday, girl.