Happy Birthday Sister from Another Mother

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Happy birthday to a sister 
who’s better than all the rest! 
Blood-related or not, you 
surpass the friendship test!
We may not share the same mother,
but within us deep at heart, you will
always be my true sister.

I’m wishing you the loveliest birthday
today, my dear!
Happy birthday to you, my dearest sister from another!

I am so thankful to your mother and father for giving me the greatest gift in the world: you! You are a one-of-a-kind friend and one I am so lucky to have in my life.
Happy birthday to my sister from the same mister! I’m wishing you all the happiness in the world as you celebrate your special day today, sis!
Few friends are like sisters
And few friends are like you!

Happy birthday to you, my
Sis from another miss!
Never apart
We’re sisters at heart
In you, I found the one
I can always rely upon.

Happy birthday!
Someone like you will always be much
more like a sister to me than simply
just a best friend. I’m so lucky to be
blessed with the best; a bestie so great.

Wishing you a fabulous day, girl.
Happy birthday, girl!

On your special day today, I
just wanted to let you know that
you’re such a big part of my life
and I couldn’t be without you
even for a single day.

You’re my true sister, just from
another mother!
We must have been separated at birth because I am almost certain that we’re long lost sisters!

I’m wishing you a sweet and happy birthday today, girl!
We come from different mothers
and we may not share the same
genes, but we’re similar enough
and close enough to be
considered sisters!

Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday! You’re my best friend ever and an amazing gal pal like no other.

We have the best times together and the only way we could be more connected is if we were sisters born from the same mother!
You might be from a totally different family, but you will always be a true sister to me. Happy birthday to you today, my dear best friend.
I’m wishing you a happy birthday today, bestie! Well, as happy as it can be considering you’ve just got another whole year older!
Happy birthday to a very special
and dear friend of mine!

You are a sister to me in the truest
meaning of the word, even if we
are from different parents!

I hope your birthday this year is
an especially fabulous one!
A lifetime of gal pals couldn’t compare to the wonderful friend that you are! You are more like a sister to me, just from another mother! Happy birthday!