Sister Birthday Status

411 happy birthday wishes found:

On this day,
Many years ago
Not one, but two
Incredible humans
Entered the world!

Happy birthday to me
And my twin sis!
Birthday hugs for my sis from another miss
Touching birthday wishes for my forever friend
Happy birthday! Your birthday is always a
pleasing time for me as it reminds me that
you’ll always be older than me, cousin!
A birthday as beautiful as our friendship
You’re really lovely now, sis
You’re the spitting image of our mother
A wonderful attribute given to you
You remind me of each other
In everything that you do!

Happy birthday, baby sister!
The person I love the most
We're twins but one of us is younger, sis
The most heartfelt wishes to you, big sis! I’m so blessed to have you in my life. I wish you all the happiness in the world!
We might’ve been the greatest foes growing up together, but I’m so pleased that I can say you’re my best friend today! Happy birthday, sis!
My lovely sis from another miss
I'll always be older than you, little sis
Happy birthday to my little sister who only seems to get more beautiful each year! Either that or my eyesight is getting worse with age!
You are as close to me as a sister
We’re connected by our souls
Happy birthday to a brother like no other!

A unique and amazing guy like you,
There simply are not two! Which,
In turn, makes me a lucky sister, too!
Happy birthday from your favorite sister! I thought it might be nice, on your special day, for you to know that you’re my favorite brother too!
It’s rare to find two people
Who are as amazing as you
And as beautiful as me
There’s only one explanation
Twin sisters, we must be!

Happy birthday to us!
As much as you try to forget how old
you’re getting each year, you’ll always
have me to remind you about it!

Happy birthday, sis!
Happy birthday to a glam girl who I connect with on a much deeper level than just friends!

You’re my soul sister now and always!
Happy birthday to
a sassy little miss,
a beautiful person I’m
proud to call my sis!
Sure, you’re getting older, but you’ll always be my annoying little sis! And to be totally honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy birthday!
You’re another year older and another year dearer in my heart, sister. I will treasure our childhood memories forever and ever. Happy birthday to you.
Today’s the birthday of someone who’s not only my dear sister but also my best friend, too. That’s why it’s twice as hard that I can’t celebrate there with you.