Birthday Wishes for Old Friend

53 happy birthday wishes found:

Long time no see, old friend!

Wishing you a very happy birthday
today, and sending all my very best
to you and your family!
You'll always be able to count on me
Our friendship is worth clinging to
I’d never forget the birthday of such an
important person who has had such a
big presence in my life!

Happy birthday, old friend!
Birthday wishes for a lifelong friend
Old friends stick around
Where has the time gone, my old friend!

The years keep passing us by and our busy lives always manage to get in the way of a good catch up, but I would never forget your birthday!

Wishing you and your family all the very best and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Hopefully we'll be able to celebrate together soon!
My new friend will someday be an old friend
Our childhood memories will never fade
It has been a while, old friend! But today is your birthday and it reminds me that we are in need of a seriously good catch up!
Happy birthday, old friend!
It has been far too long!

I hope that life is good for you
and work isn’t too demanding!

Enjoy a relaxing day that’s all
about you! Wishing you all the
best on your special day!
Our friendship feels older than it is
Happy birthday to an antique friend!

You’re a friend I value dearly and you’re definitely worth keeping hold of!

Have the greatest birthday, old friend!
Happy birthday to an old friend; both
someone I’ve known for a long time
and someone who is getting on a bit!
Wishing an old friend of whom I miss
dearly a wonderful birthday and a
happy year ahead!

I want you to know that you have always
meant a lot to me, and I’m thoroughly
looking forward to seeing you soon!
Where have you been hiding, old friend!

It feels like forever since I last saw you!
I hope you have been keeping well and
that everything is good on your end!

Anyway, more importantly, it’s your
birthday today! Many happy returns!

I hope you have a brilliant birthday today
and I’m wishing you the very best always,
my dear friend!
Old friends are the best kind of friends as the friendship formed over a long period has stood the test of time. I’m so grateful that I found that friend in you.

Happy birthday to you, I’m sending my best birthday wishes your way today.
Today I am wishing a very special and
very old friend of mine an extremely
happy birthday!

We might not hang out as much as we
used to, but I’ll always cherish the
moments we shared and the memories
we made together.

Some of the best times in my life have
been with you, and even if we go weeks or
months without seeing or speaking to each
other, in me you’ll always have a true
lifelong friend that you can always rely on.

Wishing you all the best, my friend, and
hoping that you enjoy your day!
Happy birthday, old friend!

Your birthday this year brings back so many happy memories for me!

I have been reminiscing about our youth and all the great times we had together!

I want to wish you the very best today, and I also want to let you know just how much I appreciate our lifelong friendship!

Take care, my dear friend!
Today I am wishing an old friend
that I haven’t seen in a while a
very happy birthday!

Our friendship has stood the test
of time and even though we might
not see each other as often as
we’d like, whenever we do get
together it’s as though we’ve
never been apart!

Sending you my very best wishes
on your special day!
Happy birthday, old friend! It feels like
decades since we last saw each other!
I hope you have been keeping well!

I hope that we can catch up soon, but
until then I am wishing you the happiest
birthday and sending you all my best!
Happy birthday to an
old friend who I can
always rely on to make
me laugh hysterically!

Wishing you a birthday
full of laughter and joy!