Birthday Wishes for Husband

188 happy birthday wishes found:

Even though you’re in a land far away on your birthday this year, don’t forget about your beautiful wife when you’re blowing out the candles on your cake!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, love!
Deciding to spend my
life with you was the
smartest decision I ever
made. Every day with
you by my side is made of
laughter and happiness,
and that’s all I ever wanted.

Hope you have a lovely day,
full of joy and wonderful surprises.
Happy birthday my love! My life always felt empty before I met you. But when you came into my life, my whole world was shaken and changed for the better.

I am so blessed to have married an affectionate and wonderful man!
Happy birthday from the person
who endures all of your jokes,
yet chose to marry you anyway!
I must truly love you a lot!

Enjoy your special day, hubby!
The best thing in life is that I get to share every day with you! Have a very special birthday, my love!
Happy birthday, hubby!

We’re not getting any younger
So as we grow old and gray
Know that I’ll love you for always
As I promised on our wedding day!
On the special day of my one true love,
I’m sending lots of kisses and beautiful
birthday wishes.

Happy birthday with love, hubby.
Even when we’re apart,
I still feel you close to me
right here in my heart.

Happy birthday to you today,
my one and only man!
You’re another year older
Where has the time gone
You used to be so handsome
But now you’re getting on
Age eventually takes its toll
With wrinkles and grey hair
But you never need to worry
Because I’ll always be there.

Happy birthday to you, my love.
On your special day
Even though you’re far away
You couldn’t be any closer
To my heart, as always.

Happy birthday, hubby!
My heart is full of so much love for you each and every day, but I just want to stress that and express my love for you on your special day. Happy birthday, hubby.
Few husbands are
As truly great as you
They simply don’t excel 
The same way you do 
You brighten my days
You’re my shining star 
You’re more than I could 
Ever wish for by far.

Wishing you a birthday 
That is filled with joy,
My love. 
On the most special day of my most loved one, I have a full heart bursting with wishes of love ❤️
I don’t like going a single day without
you by my side, but days like your
birthday are definitely the hardest.

I’m sending all my love to you today.
We should have married on the day we met. I knew then you were the man of my life. Have a great birthday, sweetheart!

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