Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband

Were found 32 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday, my dear husband
You’re funny, sweet, simply the best
You make me laugh and smile
You’re better than all the rest!
I’ll love you even when you’re old and gray
The best gift you’ll ever receive
A husband and father
Who fills us with laughter
May you never stop being
Our funny and silly man!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my husband who is smart, funny, and gorgeous, and who reminds me a lot of myself! I guess that’s why we make the perfect pair because we share so many wonderful similarities!
Happy birthday to my handsome
husband who still isn’t showing
his age, or acting it either!

I guess really I’m lucky my hubby
hasn’t changed and that he’s still
the same great man I met and fell
in love with all those years ago!
Happy birthday to my favourite husband!

There are lots of good things that come
with age, but the very best part of getting
older is that each year the cake has to get
bigger to accommodate the extra candles!
Happy birthday to you today, 
My dear husband!

Like a bottle of fine wine, you
Are ageing particularly well
But unlike a bottle of wine, 
I can’t simply put a cork in it 
When I’ve had enough!
Happy birthday to you today,
my incredible man!

You are the sweetest, kindest,
and most loving human I know,
so I have no idea what I did to
deserve a husband like you!

I’m a very lucky lady indeed!
Happy birthday, hubby! You truly won the jackpot ending up with a wife like me, one that will keep paying out for a lifetime as you’ll always be stuck with me!
Happy birthday to my wonderful husband!

You're a remarkable and amazing man who deserves a medal for putting up with me all these years!
I wondered what gift I should get for
such a sweet, loving husband on your
birthday but then I realized something…

What more could you possibly want
or need when you have a wonderful
wife like me! Happy birthday, my love!
Every day must be like a birthday for you,
seeing as you ended up with a wonderful
wife like me! Happy birthday, my love!
Happy birthday, my handsome hubby!

Of course I know I’m blessed to have a husband like you, but really you’re the lucky one to have bagged a wife like me when you did because just like a bottle of fine wine, I only improve with age!

So really it’s only right that you treasure and appreciate me more and more with each passing year!

Happy birthday, my perfect man!

Sometimes I think you’re too good to be
true, but then you go and do something
that brings me back down to earth!

I’m just kidding, I really am very lucky to
have ended up with a husband like you!
Happy birthday! Another year brings the hard reality that you’re not getting any younger, hubby!

At least each year you’re getting closer to retirement and finally living the easy life!
Happy birthday to my handsome and intelligent husband who has such good taste. I mean, he decided to marry me for a start!