Birthday Wishes for Husband

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Happy birthday, my rock!

Wherever you are in the world at any
given time, you’re always there for me.

It’s qualities like that which will make
you an incredible husband!
Husband, this year for your birthday
My wishes truly come from the heart
As you are someone so very special 
From whom I couldn’t ever be apart.

May your birthday be as great
As your presence is in my life
And may you be as happy
As I am to be your wife.

Happy birthday, my love.
On this blessed day, I have the pleasure of wishing a happy birthday to my dear husband and welcoming a new age in his life.

May God continue to grace you with all his glory for the good man that you are.
My loving wife, 

Another birthday for you
Means another year of us
One more year spent together
Filled with an abundance of love
And never-ending happiness.
Here’s to many more years of
Creating wonderful memories
And enjoying all of life’s most
Precious moments together.

Happy birthday from your ever-
Adoring husband. Love you forever.
A husband like me
Who’s so fantastic
Can too be both
Funny and romantic!

Happy birthday,
My lovely wife!
As your husband, it’s my responsibility to make you smile and laugh on your birthday each year… Luckily for me, that’s super easy since I’m already a naturally funny guy!

Happy birthday, my sweet wife!
Happy wedding anniversary
to my very best friends!

You two make the cutest
husband and wife duo!
Happy birthday to the most gorgeous man, soon to be my husband!

Have a fabulous day, my lovely fiancé!
My lovely wife, another trip around the sun sees you turn another year older. Luckily you have a supportive husband in me to help you through this tough time!
Happy birthday to the love of my life: my loving and supportive husband! I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful person by my side all these years.
A husband and father
Who fills us with laughter
May you never stop being
Our funny and silly man!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday and many congratulations!

I can’t think of anyone more perfectly suited to the role of brother to me and husband to my sister!
When you and my sister married
She gained a husband in you
But I got something even better
A brother, through and through.

Happy birthday to you, bro!
I always pray for only the best in life to come your way, but I’m praying for just that little bit extra on your special day today. Happy birthday, husband.
Happy birthday, wifey!

I know that you’re a little sensitive about your age and turning another year older, but whenever you’re feeling old all you have to do is look at me and I guarantee you’ll instantly feel younger!

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