Birthday Wishes for Husband

188 happy birthday wishes found:

Few husbands are
As truly great as you
They simply don’t excel 
The same way you do 
You brighten my days
You’re my shining star 
You’re more than I could 
Ever wish for by far.

Wishing you a birthday 
That is filled with joy,
My love. 
Even though you’re in a land far away on your birthday this year, don’t forget about your beautiful wife when you’re blowing out the candles on your cake!

Happy birthday!
I've loved you since
I first saw you,
and I will love you
till the world ends.
Wishing you a
happy birthday!

Stay true to yourself,
fight for what you
love and want, and
never give up on us.
No distance is a match for true love and that’s why our love will always find a way. I’m sending big birthday wishes and even bigger kisses to you today!
To the love of my life, that happens to be the most amazing human being there is, I wish the loveliest of birthdays. Be happy, smile and always thrive, love!
Happy birthday to my hubby!

Don’t let getting older get you down, just always remember that no matter how old you become, no matter how many wrinkles or gray hairs start to appear, at least you’ll always have a beautiful, gorgeous, young-looking wife by your side to make up for it!
Being apart from the person I love most in this world on their birthday is far from ideal, but it just means that we’ll have to have double the celebrations next year to make up for it!

Happy birthday, my one and only!
Every day must be like a birthday for you,
seeing as you ended up with a wonderful
wife like me! Happy birthday, my love!
This is the most special day for the most special man in my life: you. I carry you in my heart everywhere I go and every day the world seems prettier because of your love.

When life gets me down or I happen to go through a rough patch, you make everything easier.

I wish you a day as special as you are, my love!
Happy birthday, hubby!

Another year together and you 
still manage to amaze me! I guess
I haven’t grown tired of you yet! 

I can’t wait to see what 
surprises await us ahead!
Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

It’s so unfair that we aren’t able to share your special day together in person, so a romantic message from my heart to yours will have to suffice!

I’m sending all my love to you today!
Life often gets in the way of special occasions, with work commitments and such meaning we can’t always be together, but wherever we are in the world, together or apart, I will always hold you oh so dear in my heart.

Happy birthday from your adoring wife!
My heart is full of so much love for you each and every day, but I just want to stress that and express my love for you on your special day. Happy birthday, hubby.
There’s no place more peaceful than the embrace of your arms; there’s no music more beautiful than the sound of your voice. You are all I want, and everything about you is perfect. Happy birthday to you, my love! I wish you the very best, today, tomorrow and forever. I love you a lot, and then some!
We may be miles apart
On your birthday this year
But you’re always in my heart
And forever in my thoughts.

Happy birthday, soulmate.