Happy 12th Birthday

41 happy birthday wishes found:

I’m sending 12 wonderful wishes
On your big birthday this year
For an awesome kid like you
Who is so sweet and dear!
Happy 12 birthday to the gorgeous birthday girl! You’re growing up fast and I can already tell what a sweet and lovely young lady you’re going to be!

May only happiness and joy fill your days throughout the years ahead, sweetie!
Happy 12th birthday to
a very special little lady!

May this special day of
yours be filled with lots
of delicious cake and big
balloons, all covered with
glitter that twinkles and
sparkles the same way
that you do in my heart!
Happy birthday, young man!

Today you turn 12 and you’re
more awesome than ever!
I’m wishing you a birthday that
brings you happiness forever!
Happy 12th birthday to the birthday boy!

May you enjoy your last year of being a
kid before your teenage years arrive!
A 12-year-old girl like you
Deserves each and every
One of her dreams and
Wishes to come true!

Happy 12th birthday,
Sweet princess!
Not only is your 12th birthday special for you, but it’s also special for us too! Watching you celebrate your last birthday before becoming a teenager is a real treat!
12 years old today! Congratulations and a great big happy birthday to you!

For the best pre-teen around I’m hoping that all of your wishes come true today as you blow out your birthday candles, as you continue to grow up and become more amazing each year!
The birthday boy turns 12 today!

May the candles on your cake this year
grant you a dozen wishes to enjoy!
It’s your 12th birthday, sweet girl! Congratulations!

You deserve a truly special birthday this year, as not all 12-year-old girls are as grown up and as special as you!

So for a beautiful princess like you, I’m hoping and wishing that all of your dreams come true!
You’re growing up
You’re getting taller
But most importantly
You couldn’t be cooler!

I’m wishing a very happy
12th birthday to you today!
Happy birthday to the 
Best 12-year-old ever!

I might be a little biased
As you’re a favorite of mine
But either way I’m hoping
You have the very best time!
Each day there is somebody lucky enough to be celebrating their birthday, and today that person is you! May you have a wonderful 12th birthday!
Happy 12th birthday wishes
to the coolest tween around!

May the exciting years ahead of
you hold amazing adventures and
many magical moments for you!
Out of all the 12-year-olds 
Celebrating their birthday today,
I’m hoping that yours is the 
Best in every possible way!

Happy 12th birthday, kid!

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