Happy 12th Birthday

41 happy birthday wishes found:

Today, as you turn 12
I am wishing you the world.

On your last year of being a tween
May you blossom and thrive
Enjoy every moment in between
Before becoming a true teen
May your joyful youth last
As you’re growing up fast
Soon to join the teenage club
You’re almost a member
So may this birthday be
One to truly remember.

Happy 12th birthday to you.
Birthday wishes for a beautiful 12-year-old
A dozen wishes on your 12th birthday
I’m sending my best and happiest 12th birthday wishes to my favorite pre-teen today! I hope your special day is just as special as you are to me!
Happy birthday to my dear 12-year-old
Your last birthday as a pre-teen
Happy birthday!

Turning 12 is a very special time in any kid’s life because now that you have 12 wonderful years behind you, you’ve truly left your childhood behind too!

I hope this very exciting birthday brings you lots of unforgettable memories to cherish!
May you receive 12 wonderful wishes today
Celebrating your 12th birthday today
Happy 12th birthday to you and congratulations on your last year before turning into a teen!

Watching you grow up has been a joy, but the image of you becoming a teenager is still too unreal I can barely picture it!
Happy 12th birthday, princess! Here’s to 12 wonderful years of being the fabulous girl that you are!
I’m wishing a happy 12th birthday to the
wonderful birthday boy who today turns
another year more awesome and brilliant!

Even though you’re growing up and
quickly leaving your childhood behind,
I hope you always keep hold of a little
bit of the fun, magic, and wonder that
comes with being a kid.
I am bursting with pride as today my daughter becomes a 12-year-old. Happy birthday and may all your wishes come true, my princess.
Happy 12th birthday to you! Just one more year now until you’re a teenager! I hope you enjoy your final year of being a kid!
Happy birthday to the most wonderful 12-year-old I know! I hope you enjoy your final year of being a kid before you officially become a teenager!
As the clock strikes twelve to welcome your 12th birthday, I’m hoping that it brings magic and joy to your special day!
Happy 12th birthday, son!

You are growing up so amazingly
to be such a lovely, funny, and kind
young man, and I couldn’t be any
prouder of you than I already am.

Sending you all my love from mom.
You’re growing up
You’re getting taller
But most importantly
You couldn’t be cooler!

I’m wishing a very happy
12th birthday to you today!
Happy birthday to the 
Best 12-year-old ever!

I might be a little biased
As you’re a favorite of mine
But either way I’m hoping
You have the very best time!
Hip hip hooray, you’re 12 today!

May your special day be
As truly special as you are,
And let’s have twelve cheers
For twelve wonderful years!
You’re totally 12
And totally cool
Let’s hope this birthday
Is the best one of all!

Happy birthday to you!

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