Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend

265 happy birthday wishes found:

Your special day reminds me of all the
fantastic birthdays we used to share
together as kids! Good times, my friend!

I hope you have a great one today, buddy!
Happy birthday to you, my friend!

Remembering all of the wonderful times we shared together as kids puts the biggest smile on my face!

I hope your special day today has the same effect and makes you as happy as we were back then!
Happy birthday, girl! We’ve been through the best of times and the worst of times together, but the main thing is that we were always there for each other.
Happy birthday, buddy.

I have so many magnificent memories of
the two of us as kids, too many in fact that
I couldn’t pick just one as my favorite.

Thank you for being one of the best parts
of my childhood.
We may be around the same age,
but I have always looked up to you
ever since we were kids.

You’re smart, logical, dedicated and
passionate about so many things, such
great qualities that I’ve always aspired
to follow and have as my own.

You’re a great example of someone
who goes after what they want and
never gives up.

I’m so glad to have had you in my
life for so many years, and I know
for sure that we’ll be lifelong friends.

Wishing you the very best on your
birthday, my friend, and much
happiness for the future!
Happy birthday to a dear friend of mine, past and present. I feel very fortunate to have shared so many years of friendship with a wonderful man like you.
I miss the birthdays we used to have as
kids, but just because we’re older now
doesn’t mean they can’t still be fun!

Besides, you should have a celebration to
match your personality, so a children’s
party would be perfectly suited!

Happy birthday!
Many friends come and go during
different parts of our lives, which is
why I am so thankful that you’re a
friend who has been there from the
start and stuck around ever since.

I’m lucky to have had a great man
like you in my life all these years.

Happy birthday to you today, my
dear friend.
Remember when we were younger, my
friend, we used to be so fun and carefree.
What happened to those kids!

I’m wishing you a fab birthday today!
Happy birthday to a fab female
who I’ve known for longer than
I care to think about!

The duration of our friendship
just drives home the fact of how
old we are getting, my dear!

I’m sending you my very best
wishes on your special day today!
Happy birthday, girl! You’re another year
older and another year more fabulous!

Each year spent with a friend like you
brings more magical moments and
memories that’ll never fade.

I’m glad to have had someone like you
around since we were kids to experience
so many great times with.
Happy birthday, my friend!

I can still remember when we were
just two kids without a care in the
world. Although that feels like a
million years ago now!
Happy birthday!

Some friends are worth holding on to and you are one of those friends, my dear!

We’ve been gal pals for as long as I can remember and I hope we will be until we’re old and gray!

Happy birthday to a friend of mine
who has always been there for me
no matter what!

I am so fortunate to have grown up
alongside you and shared so many
great moments, and even luckier
that we’re still creating memories
to this very day!
Having someone as incredible as you around at any point in my life would be wonderful, but to have had you around since we were kids is sensational!

Happy birthday!