Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend Female

Were found 37 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday, girl! You’ve stuck with me
through thick and thin, never giving up
when things get tough.

I am very fortunate to have a friend like
you, and even more so for having had you
in my life since we were just little nippers!
Many friends in life
They come and go
But you're a forever friend
Of that I'm sure!

Happy birthday to you today,
My sweet and beautiful dear!
To someone who is so much
more than just a dear friend,
today I am wishing a wonderful
birthday to my very special sister!

We might not be related by blood,
but we are completely connected
by the heart!

Happy birthday to you today, girl!
The birthday of such a great childhood friend like you brings back sentimental feelings and many of the wonderful memories we created.

I hope you know how truly grateful I am for having you in my life today, tomorrow, and throughout all of the years that have already passed us by!

May you have the happiest and most magnificent birthday today, girl!
Happy birthday to you today, my friend!

Our friendship goes way back and I’ll
always be thankful for all of the wonderful
memories that we created together!
Gal pals since childhood
Many memories we have made
Our friendship is so important
Something I never would trade!

Happy birthday, my dear!
If I was asked to pick my favourite moment that we’ve shared, it would be impossible as I have so many great memories of us together! Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday, girl! Ever since we were kids you have always been so much more to me than just a friend; you’re my true soul sister at heart!
Happy birthday to a super special
friend of mine who I’m glad to have
had in my life since we were kids!

Here’s to you today, my dear!
Happy birthday to a super
special friend of mine!

I’ve been lucky enough to
have had you around for
most of my life, since
childhood in fact!

It makes me feel old when
I think about how long
we’ve been friends!
Happy birthday, girl! You’re another year
older and another year more fabulous!

Each year spent with a friend like you
brings more magical moments and
memories that’ll never fade.

I’m glad to have had someone like you
around since we were kids to experience
so many great times with.
Happy birthday to you today,
my dearest gal pal!

My early years simply wouldn’t
have been the same without you
around, nor would my later years
come to think of it!

I can’t think of anyone else I would
rather have been friends with for
all these years!
Happy birthday to you today, my friend!

Your special day is the perfect opportunity to reminisce about all of those wonderful times that we shared back when we were kids!

I’ll always cherish those memories as they truly are very special and important to me!
It’s so easy to lose touch with childhood friends, which is why I’m so grateful that we’ve remained in contact all these years. I’m very blessed to have you as a longstanding friend.

I hope your birthday this year is an extra special one, my dear. Happy birthday.
You were there for me as childhood friends and you continue to be there for me now. In you, I know I’ll always have the most wonderful friend on this earth!

Happy birthday to you today, my very special gal pal!