100+ Cute Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

2 years old and what a 
beautiful baby girl you are. 
May life bring only happiness 
to you, my precious little star. 
Happy birthday up there in heaven, daddy. Your baby girl misses you more and more each day.
I can’t believe that you’ve been on
this earth and filling my heart with
love for one whole year already,
my sweet baby girl!

You are mommy’s biggest blessing
and I’ll continue to cherish you for
every year to come!
Today, I’m sending out the sweetest 1st birthday wishes to the sweetest and most adorable baby girl! May your first birthday fill your tiny heart with joy, princess. 
Happy 1st birthday to my sweet baby
girl today!

Since you entered the world one year
ago today, you have turned my life
upside down in the best way possible.

This past year of your life has been
the most incredible of mine, and may
this be just the first of many happy
years to come. I love you with all
my heart, my little princess.
Happy birthday to the greatest man
ever to exist: my dear papa!

I hope that all of your birthday wishes
this year come true, as you deserve
the world for all that you do!

Lots of love from your baby girl!
The cutest and most adorable toddler in the whole wide world is celebrating her 2nd birthday today! May your 2nd birthday be even more special than your 1st!

I’m wishing you many beautiful years filled with happiness and joy, sweet baby girl! 
Happy first birthday, baby girl!

In such a short space of time, you have already won over so many hearts.

I have no doubt that you’ll continue to win the affection of many others in the years to come, too!
2nd birthday wishes
Are coming your way
Full of love and care
On your special day.

Happy birthday,
Sweet baby girl.
My dear baby girl
Oh how you’ve grown
In just the short time
Of one year alone!

Wishing you a lifetime
Of happiness, my
Beautiful granddaughter!
Today is a special day for my daughter as she is celebrating her very first birthday!

It’s also special for me too, as it marks a whole year since my baby entered the world and 12 full months of love and truly incredible memories!
My gorgeous baby girl, on this very
special day I am sending you your
very first birthday wishes deep from
within my heart.

You are the single most precious thing
in my life and you always will be!

Happy 1st birthday, little one!
Happy 2nd birthday from mom, little one. You are the single most precious thing in my life, baby girl.
One whole year of blessing us with
your cuteness, baby girl!

I’m hoping you enjoy your very first
birthday party, and I hope you are
surrounded by all things magical
such as big balloons, unicorns,
princesses and lots of sweet cake
on your special day! 
Happy 1st birthday to my gorgeous baby girl. My heart is so full on what has been the single most wonderful year of my life to date.

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