100+ Cute Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

On the day that you were born, my life changed forever. I received the greatest blessing of my life, and each year on your birthday is simply another reminder of that.

I’m sending all my love to you on your special day today, my baby girl!
Happy 2nd birthday from mom, baby girl.

You are the light of my life, the warmth
that warms my heart. I love you to the
moon and back, sweet girl.
My cute baby girl, the apple of my eye, today we celebrate your 1st birthday, I can’t believe 12 months have already passed us by. Happy birthday, my precious little princess.
Sweet baby girl, every time I look into your eyes my heart is instantly filled with joy, happiness, and so much love. Happy 2nd birthday, my adorable little princess. 
The world is at your tiny feet as you turn 1 today, baby girl. May your future be full of endless possibilities. Happy 1st birthday, little one.
Sending you my sweetest wishes on your special day today, baby girl!

May your birthday be filled with cute cakes, lots of smiles, and tons of joy!
I have only the most sincere and heartfelt
happy birthday wishes for such a special
and sweet 2-year-old baby girl.

You are a bright light in our lives and
you fill each day with joy, making them
so much brighter. You truly are the most
perfect, precious little blessing we could
wish for.

Happy 2nd birthday to you, sweet girl.
A gorgeous baby girl like you truly is a gift from heaven! May you have a glorious first birthday and many happy and healthy years ahead, my sweetheart!
Beautiful baby girl of mine
Today as you’re turning 2
A lifetime of happiness
Is all I ever wish for you.
My precious baby girl, I hope you dazzle and shine for today it’s birthday time!

Happy 5th birthday, sweetheart!
Happy 1st birthday, my sweet baby niece!

You are the cutest kid I’ve ever set eyes on, and you’ve already won over my whole entire heart!

I hope that your first birthday ever is delightful, just like the many birthdays yet to come will be!
It’s a very special occasion for a very
special baby girl who turns 1 today!

Happy 1st birthday from mommy,
my little princess!
My sweet baby girl
You’re already turning one
After your first whole trip
Around the big, bright sun.

Know I’ll watch over you
Until the end of days
With love around you
Today and always.

Happy 1st birthday,
My whole entire world.
On this very special day, I have
only the warmest and most beautiful
birthday greetings for a super cute
and adorable baby girl.

For the pure joy that you bring to
my heart, a special girl like you
deserves not only the happiest
and most wonderful 1st birthday
but joy and happiness should
follow you every day.

Happy 1st birthday, little princess.
Our gorgeous baby girl is celebrating her very first birthday today!

Happy birthday from your very proud and ever-loving parents, sweetheart!

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