100+ Cute Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Today marks a super special occasion as my beautiful baby girl is turning 3!

It’s hard to believe that you have already given us 36 months of love and joy, my darling daughter. May you have a birthday that’s just as sweet as your soul!
A birthday message from dad
To my beautiful baby girl
You’re more precious to me
Than a rare, lustrous pearl!

Happy birthday, my dear daughter!
Our adorable niece turns one today!

Your first birthday marks a whole year of happiness in our hearts, baby girl. You really are a true blessing in our lives.

May this be just one of many more wonderful years to come! Love from auntie and uncle!
Today I am celebrating the anniversary of the day that my pride and joy entered this world. Happy birthday, my baby girl!

Each year of celebrating your birthday is such a blessing. You are so smart and kind; you’re everything a dad could hope for in a daughter.

I’m wishing you a birthday that’s as amazing as you are, sweetie!
Happy birthday, baby girl! To have a daughter like you truly is the most heart touching blessing I could have ever wished for!
My dear girl turns another year older today, but no matter how old she gets I’ll always love and care for her just like I did when she was my baby girl!

Sending all my love to you on your special day, my lovely daughter!
My beautiful baby niece, happy birthday!

I can already tell that you’re going to be more like a daughter to me, sweetie!
Baby girl, on your very first birthday I
wanted to write you a message that you
can look back on when you’re older.

Your first year of life has been one full of
love, happiness, and endless joy. You have
captured so many hearts and I have no
doubt that you’ll continue to do so. 

Happy birthday from your loving mom,
my dear daughter.
Today, baby girl, you turn one 
Year older and even more 
Special in my heart, which 
I didn’t think was possible.

Happy 2nd birthday daughter,
With lots of love from mom.
Our happy baby girl 
Who loves to play and wriggle
You fill our hearts with love
With just a tiny giggle!

Happy 1st birthday to our 
Darling daughter!
My little girl turns 3 today! Happy birthday, cutie-pie!

I can’t quite express my gratitude for all the smiles you have brought to my face and the power in which you have touched my heart over the past 3 years, my baby girl. You truly are something very special.

Wishing you a happy third birthday today and many more lovely birthdays to come!
I can’t quite believe that you’re a 1-year-old already, my sweet little princess! Since becoming your mother, you have given me the best, happiest, and most memorable year of my life so far.

Happy 1st birthday, baby girl. My wishes for you today come from the very bottom of my heart.
A cute baby girl
As adorable as you
Deserves the sweetest
Birthday wishes and
The most incredible
1st birthday, too!

Happy 1st birthday, princess!
Happy 1st birthday to our precious
little one!

Ever since you came into this world
one year ago today, you've given us
endless little moments of joy and the
sweetest memories to look back on.

We can’t wait to create many more
with you, baby girl!
A very special birthday
Is getting underway
For a very special girl
Is turning 1 today!

Happy 1st birthday,
Baby girl!

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