Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

103 happy birthday wishes found:

There are many types of gifts in the world,
but one gift that even money can’t buy is
a wonderful elder sister like me!

Happy birthday, little brother!
I might have forgotten to get you a birthday
present, but at least I didn’t forget your
actual birthday!

So, please accept these words and warm
wishes as your gift this year! Wishing you
a very happy birthday, little brother!
May you never grow up
My sweet little brother
As that would also mean
I wouldn’t get older, too!

Happy birthday from your
Favorite elder sister!
We fought, we bickered, we yelled at each other. There were times when we did mean things like pulling each other’s hair and kicking each other under the table. But if anyone messed with either of us, we always had each other’s back!

Thank you for all your friendship and support! I’m here for you little brother.

Have the best of days and all you deserve in life!
Happy birthday, little brother! You’re one year older and finally catching up with me!

My advice to you: try not to look at another birthday as getting older, simply look at it as becoming more refined and distinguished!
I might not tell you often,
but you mean more to me
than you’ll ever know,
because even when you’re
being annoying, you’ll 
always be my little bro!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, little brother!

They say that the older you get, the
wiser and more mature you become
but don’t let that fool you, bro.

I’m older than you and I’m still waiting
for that to happen, so you’re likely to
be waiting even longer!
Happy birthday, little brother! If there’s one thing you should’ve discovered from having an elder sibling like me is that we only get more awesome each year!
Thank you for having yet another birthday
and for being a constant reminder that I’ll
always be older than you.

Thanks a bunch, bro!
The older you get, the wiser and smarter you become… is the case for most people.

You always did stand out from the crowd when you were younger, bro, and I’m glad to see that you’re no different now!

Happy birthday to you!
You used to get all my old clothes, but it’s good to see that you are also getting my lack of hair!

Happy birthday, little brother!
Now that you’re getting a little
bit older, perhaps you’ll soon
start to grow up, too!

I’m just kidding with you!
Happy birthday, little bro!
Happy birthday to the world’s best little
brother from the world’s best big brother!

There’s simply no way of getting away from
the fact that we’re world-class siblings, bro!

On your birthday this year, little brother, I propose we make a pact. I won’t reveal your age, so long as you don’t tell anyone that I’m even older than you!

Happy birthday to you!
It was boring being an only child, but everything changed the day you were born. I gained a playmate, a friend and someone to take the blame when I misbehaved. That was, of course, until you learned how to talk.

Love you, little bro! Have the most wonderful of days!