Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

103 happy birthday wishes found:

My naughty little brother isn’t so little anymore, but he’s still just as naughty!

May you always have the cheeky and playful personality that you’ve always had since you were small! Happy birthday to you, my dear kid bro!
You're more handsome than ever, little bro
Little brother, you’re older but no wiser
Happy birthday to my favorite little guy!

I’m lucky that you’re my brother, but you’re even luckier to have an elder sister like me who loves and appreciates you so much!
If you weren't my brother we'd still be friends
You’re not getting any younger, bro
You used to enjoy being naughty and mischievous when you were little, brother, and I’m glad to see that hasn’t changed since! Happy birthday from your sweet sister!
You would think that the older you get, the less annoying you’d become! If only that were true, little bro! Happy birthday to you today!
Happy birthday to you, brother! If
you’re concerned about getting older,
just remember that age is nothing
more than a number.

It just so happens that in your case that
number is becoming quite a big one!
May you never grow up
My sweet little brother
As that would also mean
I wouldn’t get older, too!

Happy birthday from your
Favorite elder sister!
There aren’t many little brothers
Who are quite as lucky as you
That have an elder sister like me
As in the world, there are few!

Happy birthday!
Today is a very special day for me. Today is the day we celebrate the birth of my little brother and best friend. What a joy it was when you were born, I was little, but I recall the joy I felt when I first laid my eyes on you. I knew from that moment on, I had a best friend for life.

Have the most wonderful day, dear brother!
Happy birthday, little brother! You’re one year older and finally catching up with me!

My advice to you: try not to look at another birthday as getting older, simply look at it as becoming more refined and distinguished!
Growing up with you was an adventure where the biggest risk was having too much fun! We were superheroes, astronauts, cowboys, wizards and all those other characters from the books we used to love.

Have a year filled with fantasy like our playtime used to have!
There are many types of gifts in the world,
but one gift that even money can’t buy is
a wonderful elder sister like me!

Happy birthday, little brother!
Getting older doesn’t necessarily
mean that you’re growing up…
You’re still the same kid I’ve always
known and loved, little brother! 

Happy birthday!
Each year that you get older
However much you grow
You’ll still be my little bro
I want you to always know!

Happy birthday to you!
You might be another year older,
little brother, but you definitely don’t
look it and you certainly don’t act it!

You’ll be able to fool people with
your age for many years to come,
I’m sure of it!

Happy birthday from your forever
wise elder sister!
Happy birthday to the smartest, funniest, and most amazing sibling in the world!

Oh, hold on… that should say from, not to!

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