Birthday Wishes for Soulmate

641 happy birthday wishes found:

You are without a doubt my soulmate, honey! I’m wishing us both a happy anniversary today as we celebrate another perfect, blissful year together!

I love you with all my heart and I will do until the end of time!
We’re not fortunate enough to spend your birthday together this year, but you’re the man of my dreams and worth the wait to celebrate with.

Happy birthday, my love.
Happy birthday, my love!

I’m floating sweet wishes your way on this truly fabulous day!
The birthday of my love
Is just moments away
But I can’t wait any longer
To welcome her special day!

Happy birthday!
You truly are unique
You’re simply one of a kind
In you, I found my soulmate
My one, my person for life
I’m blessed I got to marry you
I’m so proud to be your wife
I promise to love you always
And even more each day. 

Many happy returns,
My dear husband. 
Someone as truly lovely and as special as you deserves their birthday wishes early! Happy birthday in advance, my love!

We took a vow to be there for one 
another no matter what, and to love 
each other unconditionally. I can say 
with certainty that not a day has gone 
past where I haven’t felt that. You are 
my rock and the love of my life. 

Happy heartfelt birthday to you, 
with all my love.
Your birthday is only a matter of
hours away now, my love, and before
your inbox becomes flooded with lots
of lovely messages I wanted to make
sure that you got mine.

Happy birthday with all my love,
my sweetheart.
You deserve a birthday that celebrates you for all that you are, my love.

Happy birthday, here’s to you.
My love for you is pure
You’re the one I so adore
You brighten up my days
In so many different ways!

I’m so thankful for you
And all the things you do
Forever my sweet pea
You mean the world to me!

Happy birthday to you today,
My sweetheart!
It doesn’t matter where either of us are in
the world, together or apart, my love is all
around you and your love is all around me.

I carry you in my heart wherever I go and
I feel your love surrounding me, always.
Like a tight hug, your love makes me feel
safe and comforted.

Wishing you a happy birthday and sending
you even more love on your special day,
my darling.
Your birthday is 
A truly special day
As I get to show 
My love and
Appreciation for you.

I’m truly blessed 
For having someone
Like you in my life 
And I shall never ever 
Take it for granted.

Happy birthday, my dear!
You are my love and my life
You are my whole heart. 
You are my lover and my friend, 
And you fill me with emotion.
You are the most beautiful person
With the most beautiful soul.

Happy birthday to you, 
My sweetheart.

My super sweet and loving boyfriend, I’m sending all of my love and my most romantic birthday wishes your way today as we celebrate your special day.

My whole heart belongs to you as you truly mean everything to me.
Near or far, it makes no difference where you are, my love will always find you as it's true and pure!

I’m wishing you the happiest birthday that you could possibly have today without me being with you, my wonderful husband!