Happy Birthday to a Sister Far Away

Were found 53 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday to the most 
Special sister!

It doesn’t matter if the distance 
Between us is short or long
You’ll never stop being dear to me
In my heart, you’ll always belong.

I hope you have a truly wonderful
Day full of celebration today, sis.
You'll always be close to my heart, sister
You’ll always be here in my heart, sister
To a sister who is far, far away
I’m sending long-distance love
From across the miles.

We carry the special ones
With us wherever we go.

Happy birthday, dear sister.
You're the best sister no matter the distance
Sweet wishes from across the miles, sis
I hope my birthday wishes this year reach you safe and well, for they have some distance to travel to get to you.

I want you to know that I’m thinking of you on your special day, my dear sister, even though you’re far away. Happiest of birthdays to you.
A sister who is far away
Happy birthday from miles away
Just because you’re far away this year, 
To me, it doesn’t make you any less dear.
You’ve always been close to my heart
As, in my life, you’ve played a big part.

Happy birthday to you, my sweet sister.
I wish I wasn’t so far away on your
special day but know that I’m thinking
of you and wishing you the happiest
of birthdays today, my dear sister.

We’ll celebrate when we’re next
together in person, I promise.
Happy birthday, my dear sister.

Just because we can’t be together in person, it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you on your special day today. You could be as far away as the moon and still, you’d never be far from my thoughts.

I’m sending my very best wishes and lots of love your way today, sis.
You are there and I am here, but
I am still thinking of you on your
special day, my dear.

No matter how far away from each
other we may find ourselves, you’ll
always be on my mind and forever
in my heart.

Happy birthday, my beautiful sister.
My dear sister,

It pains me to say happy birthday from
so far away, but I hope your special day
is as wonderful as you are.
From each other, we’re far away
And we might not speak every day
But you’re always in my thoughts 
And you’ll forever be in my heart.
This is why to me, 
We’re never truly apart.

I’m sending you my dearest 
Birthday wishes today, sister.
As siblings grow up, their paths
can take them on journeys that
go in different directions.

We might not share the same
hometown nowadays but even
with the greatest distance
between us, we will never
grow apart.

Happy birthday to you today,
my dear sister.

Happy birthday to you today.

I might be sending your birthday wishes
from far away this year, but that doesn’t
make them any less sincere.

I hope you have a truly wonderful day
today full of many magical moments, sis.
My birthday wishes may have a longer way
to travel than usual this year, but the love I
have for you in my heart and the bond that
we share, my dear sister, stretch so much
greater than these miles between us.

So until we can celebrate in person again,
I’m thinking of you always and sending
you my best.
Happy birthday, sis.

I wish I could spend your special day with you today, but as that’s not possible this year I’m sending my best wishes to you from afar.
Birthdays are a time to be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life, near or far, which is why I’m reminded of what a fabulous sister you are.
Today’s the birthday of someone who’s not only my dear sister but also my best friend, too. That’s why it’s twice as hard that I can’t celebrate there with you.