50+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

57 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to my baby sister who sometimes is so annoying that I wish she was far away, but deep down I know I would miss her after just one day!

Happy birthday from your elder brother!
Happy birthday, little sis!

Over the years you have driven me up the
wall and tried my patience time and time
again, but really I have you to thank for
that as it’s partly down to you that I’m such
a calm, patient, and zen person nowadays!
God couldn’t have blessed me with a
sweeter younger sister than you.

You are so meaningful to me and no
matter how old you become, I will forever
have a little sister to love and adore.

I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays
today, my dear.
Months and years have gone by
So fast. In the blink of an eye
You became a grown woman
and my personal heroine.

Little sister of mine,
You are so kind.
Always giving and giving
And taking nothing in return.

You love with a full heart,
But that’s not the best part.
You encourage others to love too,
No matter what or who.

Lessons learnt I must say.
So I’ve chosen this way
To show how I love you
And admire you too.

Have a birthday filled with love!
Happy birthday to you today, big bro!

You always have and always will be my
hero. I’m an incredibly lucky little sister
to have an elder brother like you.
It might feel like you’re getting older by the minute, but no matter how old you get you’ll always be my sweet little sister!

Happy birthday, sis!
I wish you the best birthday,
my charming and adorable little sister!
I hope all the years ahead
are bigger, better and brighter.

You are a strong and beautiful woman
capable of such great things.
The best compliment I can give you is
that you remind me of our mother.

The tenderness of your smile,
and the deepness of your eyes
are just a couple of the things
that reminds me of her ways.

I wish you a birthday blessed with
joy and tenderness, little sis!
You’re another year older and more beautiful than ever, little sister! Happy birthday to you!

Just a word of wisdom from your dear elder sister, keep hold of your beauty and cherish it for as long as you can because once you get to my age those good looks won’t stay around for long!
How is it possible that you can be younger than me, yet at the same time look so much older! I guess it’s just the result of having all that wisdom and maturity!

I’m wishing you a fabulous birthday this year, my dear little sister!
Sending lots of birthday love to my big brother who is more like the little sister I never had! Thanks for all the good times and happy years, bro!
Happy birthday to you, little sister!

Your birthday is a truly unique one
As even when all is said and done
You might well be another year older
But you never age or get any wiser!
I care for you like a little sister and
I look up to you like an elder sister.

You will always be my inspiration,
bestie. Happiest of birthdays to you.
Happy birthday to my little sister who only seems to get more beautiful each year! Either that or my eyesight is getting worse with age!
Happy birthday, little sister!

I know you’ve always aspired
to grow up to be more like me
but don’t worry, someday you too
will be as gorgeous as can be!