Birthday Wishes for Her

1581 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to the
sweetest seven-year-old girl!

You are such a bright and
bubbly kid. Always remember
just how incredibly special
you are, my dear!
May your wisdom spread far, girl
Cheers to you on your 21st birthday
Happy birthday to my stunningly
beautiful girlfriend!

I thank my lucky stars each and
every day for having you in my life!
A pretty princess turns 7 today
A birthday poem for a girl so sweet
From my heart to yours, I’m sending
you the sweetest wishes full of love.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl.
May there be no limit to your happiness
You mean the world to me, girl
Beautiful baby girl of mine
Today as you’re turning 2
A lifetime of happiness
Is all I ever wish for you.
Not only are you an inspiration to all
those around you, but that also makes
you an inspiration to yourself. You are
truly fabulous, girl. Happy birthday.
There is no friendship better than ours, girl
May you sparkle and shine
Simply by being the fabulous girl that you are, you make each and every day wonderful and special. You’re a true inspiration and light in anyone’s life. Happy birthday, my friend.
You’re an inspirational woman, boss
I'm so glad to have you around
For the girl that you are
A best friend like you
A simple happy birthday
Just will not do!

You are so special
And your friendship
Means everything to me.
I just wanted you to know
On your birthday this year
How incredibly important,
Touching, and meaningful
You are to me, my dear.

May you have the fabulous
Birthday that you so deserve,
My lovely best friend.
If only every little girl
Grew up as beautifully as you
The world would be a much 
More magnificent place too.

Happy birthday, cute girl 💕
You’re a sweet girl with a sweet smile
You’re the nicest child by a mile
You fill my heart with so much love
You truly are an angel from above!

I’m wishing you all the happiness
In the world as you celebrate your
Special day today, my dear!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my gorgeous
girlfriend who is so totally extra!

You are always on, always
excitable and very dramatic!

Your larger than life personality is
what I love most about you, though!

I hope you have the fabulous birthday
you deserve, my dear girlfriend!
I was going to buy you some beauty
products for your birthday this year,
girlfriend, but I quickly realised that
not even the most expensive beauty
product could make you any more
beautiful than you already are!

It would just be a waste of money
and an exercise in futility! You are
gorgeous just the way you are!

Wishing you a stunning birthday
from your smooth-talking boyfriend!
Every year that your special day comes around is but another joyous opportunity to celebrate the sweet and wonderful girl that you are!

Happy birthday to you, my dear, and always know that I hold a very special place in my heart for you!
Happy birthday to my girlfriend who is gradually becoming greyer and greyer!

Only kidding, my love, I must say that it seems with age you are actually becoming even more beautiful and sexier than ever before! You’re ageing more gracefully than any other person I know!

From now on I will refer to you as my silver vixen and hopefully I will be your silver fox!
Happy birthday to my very patient and loving girlfriend! You deserve a medal for putting up with me, my love!
Happy birthday, my little angel!

You are growing up to be such a beautiful girl inside and out and I couldn’t have any more pride than I already do to be the parent of such a kind, sweet, and caring young girl!

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