Birthday Wishes for Her

1581 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy 2nd birthday, little one.

The joy that you brought into this world
2 years ago has only gotten brighter,
stronger, and more wonderful each day.
You truly are a little miracle that warms
the hearts of all those around you.

God bless you, sweet baby girl.
Happy 2nd birthday, baby girl
Happy birthday to a truly special girl
Wishing the most beautiful of days to the prettiest baby girl of all! Just when I think you couldn’t get any cuter, you go and do something adorable to prove me wrong.

May your special day be filled with joy and happiness!
You’re worth waiting for, my love
Wishing you a magical birthday, sweetheart
Today I have the pleasure of wishing
a truly wonderful woman in my life a
very happy birthday!

You are such a special human with
the biggest, warmest and kindest
heart, and you deserve all the
happiness that life has to offer!
Wishing you a beautifully fab birthday
My best friend, the birthday girl
Happy birthday, girl! I hope you have
the most fabulous day today as you
truly deserve it.

You are such a special friend to me as
you are quite simply my inspiration, my
source of happiness, and everything
that is good in this world.
Happy birthday to an incredibly
cute baby girl!

You are a pleasure to be around
as you hardly ever throw tantrums
and you’re always smiling!

That’s very rare to find in a child
of your age! Never stop being as
adorable as you are now! 

Wishing you a very happy birthday
today and a lifetime filled with
happiness, sweet girl!
I’m lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend
7 wishes for a very special little girl
Happy 2nd birthday from mom, baby girl.

You are the light of my life, the warmth
that warms my heart. I love you to the
moon and back, sweet girl.
My soul sister and dearest gal pal
You’re already 2 and growing up fast
You may be getting older, but your
spirit age will remain forever young.

Happy birthday, girl.
My irresistible girlfriend is celebrating
another birthday today, and I’m going
to spoil her rotten!

Happy birthday, my love!
Your 21st birthday has finally arrived
which means it’s time to party, girl!

Happy birthday to you, I hope you have
the most fabulous celebrations ever!
To the birthday girl on your special day, I’m hoping you receive lots of wonderful gifts and exciting surprises!

Enjoy your day, my dear!
7 years of warming our hearts,
being the cutest, and putting
smiles upon our faces.
Happy birthday, princess.

Here’s to many more happy
years, sweet girl.
I wish the happiest birthday to this darling baby girl, the cute princess who has stolen everybody’s hearts from day one. I hope that her big day is as amazing and sweet as she is.

May everyone shower you with gifts, cuddles and warm hugs.

My blessings and warmest wishes to the parents of the cutest princess of all!
Happy birthday to a sweet girl and the apple of my eye! I have so much love in my heart for you which only grows with each passing year that you grow!

May you have a lovely birthday today filled with all the happiness in the world!
Girls like you simply don’t come along every day, so when they do it’s important to treasure them.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart!
Today, I have the great pleasure of wishing
a very happy birthday to an incredibly
special older woman in my life!

You’re a woman full of wisdom and a true
inspiration to anyone, and you deserve a
truly wonderful day today!

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