Happy Birthday To Me

Were found 11 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday
to me, the most
special person
in the whole world!
Sorry if I sound
obnoxious, but they
say self love is
important, and this
I have plenty of.

Today it’s a very special day: it’s my birthday! Please, feel free to wish me everything, but most of all, don’t be shy to send me a nice gift.

It’s my birthday
and I know it’ll be
awesome, for I
have the best people
around me and my
heart beats with love
and happiness just
because I’m alive.

Bring it, world, I’m
ready for another year
of wonderful things!

Happy birthday to me! May it be awesome and may I receive tons of lovely gifts.

Just here to let
everyone know
that this is a
very special day:
it’s my birthday!

May joy and love
bless every second
of this day and
all my dreams may,
once and for all,
come true.

I don’t get older, I get better and better. Happy birthday to me! I’m glad I can celebrate another year of life with health and proud to be who I am.

Wishing myself a very happy and wonderful birthday! For there are no one more special to me than the one I always look in the eye in the mirror.

Cheers to me!

Happy birthday to the one who is the cream of the crop, the best thing since sliced bread, the big cheese! In a nutshell: me! Better start buttering me up!

Today is the happiest day of all, my birthday! I know this is the day to receive congratulations, but I want to do something different this time.

If this was a wonderful and joyous year, it was only because of the great people around me. So, to my friends, my family and anyone who I might be forgetting, I want to show my heartfelt appreciation for all your love and support.

I want all of you to be as happy as I am on this day. And my happiness will be greater when you shower me with your gifts later.

Let this day be awesome!

Today you will have the pleasure to shower with gifts and overflow with birthday messages the most amazing person I know: me!

Don’t you know what day it is today? It is the most spectacular and amazing day of all – my birthday!