Happy 21st Birthday Girl

Were found 30 happy birthday messages:

Happy 21st birthday to the smartest,
funniest, most beautiful girl there is!

You're a ray of sunshine in anybody’s
life, so may your special day sparkle
and shine just like you do in the
hearts of all those around you.
21 today! Happy birthday to you.

This important milestone marks a very special point in your life where you truly become an adult.

I’m wishing you all the very best as you begin this exciting new chapter of your life.
A 21st birthday is a very special and significant milestone in anybody’s life, but especially so when it’s the celebration of such a wonderful girl like you!

Many congratulations and a very happy birthday to you!

I hope that all of your hopes and aspirations come true for you at this momentous stage of your life.
Happy birthday, girl! Now that you’re
finally 21 you can do everything you’ve
already been doing, but legally!

Have a fun and fabulous day!
Isn’t it funny and ironic how for years you
wanted to appear older than you really are
but now that you’ve finally turned 21, from
now on the only fake ID you’ll ever want is
one to make you appear younger!

Happy birthday to you!
There are lots of good reasons to celebrate, and the fact you’re turning 21 is definitely one of them!

I’m sending you lots of hugs, kisses, and my very best birthday wishes. May this very special birthday of yours be everything you had hoped it would be!
Your 21st birthday is your year
to shine, girl!

May it be truly fabulous and a
year that you look back on as
one of the best years of your life.

I’m sending you all the love in the
world on your special day, sweetie.
Happy 21st birthday to me! The day
every girl dreams of has come around,
the day that I finally turn twenty-one!

My heart is very full right now and
I couldn’t be more excited to share
my special day with all of my
nearest and dearest!
On this very special birthday of yours,
my dear, I’m wishing you all the best
for a bright future ahead.

This new chapter of your life will open
many doors for you, so may you never
give up or stop chasing your dreams.

Happy birthday to you.
It’s time to wish a very happy
21st birthday to a funny, kind,
and glamorous girl!

May your birthday be full of
laughter and joy, and I hope
you enjoy your newfound
freedom that comes with
this very special age.
Happy 21st birthday, girl! This very special birthday holds the key to your future, and I just want to wish you all the very best for the years ahead.
Happy birthday to you! As you turn
twenty-one today, I want to send
my very best wishes to you.

I hope for only the greatest things
to come your way, and may your
future be bright and full of
wonderful adventures.
As you reach what is possibly one
of the most important and significant
milestones in your life, I want to send
my biggest congratulations to you and
wish you all the happiness in the world.

May your special day be as beautiful
as you are.
Happy 21st to the birthday girl!

May this spectacular day be everything
you imagined it would be. Cheers to you!