Funny Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

51 happy birthday wishes found:

As my younger brother you might get
to make fun of me for being older than
you, but just remember that every year
my cake will always be bigger than yours
because it needs to hold more candles!

Now who’s laughing, bro!
Happy birthday to you, brother! If
you’re concerned about getting older,
just remember that age is nothing
more than a number.

It just so happens that in your case that
number is becoming quite a big one!
Happy birthday, little brother! You might be jealous of your big sister in many ways, but I’ll always be envious of the fact that you’ll always be younger than me!
There aren’t many little brothers
Who are quite as lucky as you
That have an elder sister like me
As in the world, there are few!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, little bro!

I’m happy for you that it’s your birthday,
but I’m sad it’s not mine! You know I love
the attention and getting lots of gifts!
Getting older doesn’t necessarily
mean that you’re growing up…
You’re still the same kid I’ve always
known and loved, little brother! 

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, little brother! 

Seeing what an honor it must be 
having a fabulous sister like me, 
I didn’t think it was necessary to 
get you any other gift this year!
I’m so blessed to have both 
a brother and a buddy in you
all rolled up into one cute, 
adorable, tiny package! 

Happy birthday, little man!
Each year that you get older
However much you grow
You’ll still be my little bro
I want you to always know!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to the smartest, funniest, and most amazing sibling in the world!

Oh, hold on… that should say from, not to!
There are many types of gifts in the world,
but one gift that even money can’t buy is
a wonderful elder sister like me!

Happy birthday, little brother!
I might have forgotten to get you a birthday
present, but at least I didn’t forget your
actual birthday!

So, please accept these words and warm
wishes as your gift this year! Wishing you
a very happy birthday, little brother!
Happy birthday, little brother! You’re one year older and finally catching up with me!

My advice to you: try not to look at another birthday as getting older, simply look at it as becoming more refined and distinguished!
Since it’s your birthday today, little bro, I’ll let you have the spotlight. After all, it must be annoying having an amazing older sibling who usually gets all the attention!
I might not tell you often,
but you mean more to me
than you’ll ever know,
because even when you’re
being annoying, you’ll 
always be my little bro!

Happy birthday!